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How many times do you smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Belacttu, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Well hello This-Section-Of-Grasscity (I've been hanging in cultivation). First off, nice to meet you all. Hope everyone is good.

    Now, I'm curious. We have medical users, recreational and the hybrids. So with that being said? I'm a hybrid myself. I smoke during the day, but really light up at night every few days. Typically I'll smoke 3, maybe 4 bowls a day, 2 of which are generally very small, like five or six hitters if you're lucky, to help me through the day while I try to get off a benzo I've been on for 10 years now (never let a doctor put you on them, there are other options) and when I smoke at night, I may go through three bowls in a 6 hour period. Each one with the intention of getting me right back up when the last bowl is wearing off.

    So on average, 2 small, 1 large at night- 3
    Then every few nights are my heavy nights so on those days I'll say 5.

    What about you guys? I think it's kind of an interesting question because everyone uses it differently and to get different insights could be interesting.

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  2. about 4-5 strong sized bongs a day, getting old now:)
  3. Getting old? Haha do you mean 4-5 bongs a day?

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  4. micro bowls every 30 to 45 minutes until bed time
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  5. yes, not like in my prime
  6. See, it takes at least a small bowl for me to gain any benefit, so I wish I could do it like you haha

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  7. On my days off, or short shift days, I'll do 1-3 small bowls before work. When I get home usually 2-3 medium bowls before I start the nighttime I need to go to sleep bowls. (Prolly 2 bowls of some heavy indica, but has been up to 8 with bad insomnia)
    On a working day I'll prolly smoke a bowl with breakfast, and start smoking constantly once I get home.
  8. I need some indica to help me sleep but, I don't have any. My plants are sativa dominant and we aren't a medical state yet.

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  9. Oh no!
    If I smoke a ton of sativa it can knock me out, but it takes a lot.
    I've been finding sometimes when smoking isn't helping me pass out, a good edible will do the trick.
    Idk if that will be easier for you to find where it's not medical yet.
  10. Sadly it isn't. I could very well make them myself, but my plants are still a few weeks from harvest at least, so I'm trying to watch my consumption.

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  11. Ah that sucks.
    Buddy of mine grinds his herb up and uses one hitters, he says it conserves his weed. But I always need a few loads of them so idk.
  12. I can't do a one hitter. If the bud is very good and I've not smoked a lot (so not immediately after the weekend) I can use a small 4-5 hit bowl and be okay. Not blazed, but good. I will say it has helped me conserve, but I'm not stoned as often as I used to be lol

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  13. I smoke like 3-4 times a week sometimes I just eat one weed cookie like over 75 mg , than when I don't eat edibles I smoke like 2 bowls up to 3 joints that day
  14. Whatever I have in my stash jar lol, I try to use up all my weed in a day so no one else can find it. :D
  15. I always have a few bowls with my friend every morning before class, then usually anywhere from one to three blunts with friends later (i love blunts) and a few bowl packs before bed if i have my own bud all really depends how much we have

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  16. 0 to 6 times a day
  17. You sound like me. The 0 is only when I'm out lol

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  18. I don't have a lot of friends who CAN smoke (drug testing), at least not close friends that I enjoy smoking with. So those are rare occasions for me. Usually I fly solo because I use it recreational/medical. If nothing crazy is going on, I can mill an eighth almost a week. But.. otherwise I need a quarter a week. That's why I was saying my plants can't finish soon enough. No depending on other people.

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  19. Sticky fingers running around your place? Haha. I just have my wife and she'll only smoke on occasion, so I don't have to worry about that luckily. It seems like I always run out at the worst times though

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  20. I generally smoke at night to help slow my mind down. 2-5 bowls, depends how late I get off.
    Day off i'll smoke when I am not doing shit, or if I am practicing musics.

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