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How many times do you have to toke to get high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ericesn, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I just toked for the first time a couple nights ago, I am not sure if I was actually high. I was extremely paranoid and apparently my pupils were huge and my eyes were red. I didnt feel high, so I want to know how many more times I have to go through this crazy paranoid shit before I actually get high.
  2. The same exact thing happened to my friend when I smoked with him the first time. He freaked out and wasn't ok until he ate some food. He tells me he's kind of "scared" of weed now lol

    you'll probably be high next time you smoke
  3. i don't know exactly how many hits i need until i'll feel something, i mean if i just take one i'll still feel something but not much.

    but to get HIGH i just smoke a blunt.
    and if it's with a homie or two we'll have a good 2 or 3 blunts.
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    It is entirely subjective, what takes you one or two tokes, will probably take me about a dozen. It's based on your own tolerance level and the strength of whatever it is you're smoking.

    A good yard stick is to keep toking until you just don't feel like toking anymore. Then you're probably stoned.

    But don't worry about it, it will happen, don't think too much.

    Also, the paranoia is almost entirely due to outside influences, and not due to the marijuana itself. It has to do with the illegality of the act, your own personal hangups about doing something illegal, and the fear of being caught. If you remove all of those from the equation, then you don't get paranoid.
  5. Good point, some people we knew saw us and that freaked me out, I dont think they care to much though.
  6. i smoked my friend up a couple times, and the first time she said she hated it. she just couldn't stand it. i asked her to try it again, and she loves it.

    give the maryjane some time :D

    happy Toking!
  7. i loved it my first time, but i also smoked an entire gram by myself which was a lot at the time. but now it probably takes me 10-20 good hits to get a nice high depending on the stuff im smoking. but i also smoke 3-4 times a day
  8. I took three small hits of a bowl yesterday, had a slight high for about 30-45 minutes, that was my second time i got high. My first time i took 3 huge bong hits (coughed like crazy) and was high for about 3 hours....

    Id say id average around 5-6 small bowl hits and 1-2 bong hits to get to an average high.
  9. I know it sounds crazy, but you probably smoke too much. When I started smoking, I didn't get high the first 6 or 7 times, but a couple of times I got the paranoia like you. My theory is that the brain needs to get used to tch (active ingredient in marijuana) before it let its effects affect the brain. Though, when you smoke too much, your brain can't hold it back anymore, and it's all let in at once, triggering the paranoia, but you don't feel the other parts of being high because you haven't been through the stages in the high where those build up. I know it's probably wrong..

    So try smoking a little less. Eat some sugar when you get paranoid (trust me, it helps). But have patience - soon enough you'll get stoned as hell, almost without noticing it :smoking:
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    One or two more times and you will be set, and like someone else said don't think about the high too much, just let it happen, and don't think about paranoid thoughts or it will ruin the high. Just sit back and relax, put on music or something. Also make sure you are inhaling properly. A good way to not smoke too much is to take a few hits(hold in for about 2 seconds each time) and then wait 15-20 minutes and see how you feel. If you aren't feeling anything take a few more hits and wait again.
  11. dude...thats probably really true

    like your brain fights off the weed for the first few times you smoke until it realises thats its not dangerous, then its like hey...get stoned :)

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