How many times do you check GC Forums....per day?

Discussion in 'General' started by ruh roh, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Just wondering how many times you guys check GC on a daily I check it at least 3 times a day.
  2. all day erry day. i need a job...
  3. 27 and a half.
  4. Yea, me too.
  5. Twice a day. Usually in the early morning and then later that night.
  6. I log in probably 5-7 times a day for different lengths of time. A couple of times, just to check my subscribed threads real quick. It's bookmarked in my browser, I consider it one of my "vitals".
  7. Grasscity is like my crack if I don't get on grasscity atleast 1-3 times a day I start having withdrawals.

    But I go on this forum a ton, sometimes not posting a lot other times I post on every thread.
  8. 3-5 times usually. More than Facebook
  9. when i'm not at class on mondays and wednesdays, i'm on gc. seriously, i always have a gc tab up. i aint got shit else to do til i move out my gramma's basement lol
  10. Check Grasscity? :laughing: I never log out. I guess i check it once a day when i wake up...then on its playtime on GC:bongin:

    Unless im working..bleh
  11. im on right now on the steam browser when im dead on counter strike...

    edit: which is quite often since my team blows dick... im in the top 2 in the game right now yet my team cant pull a win for shit...
  12. I dunno, depends really.
  13. Chose more than facebook, Don't have facebook.
  14. I check it in pretty much every class, and its pretty much always on a tab on the computer. Too much, too much, but so worth it.
  15. I check it about 4-5 times every hour,
  16. As a mod lol, I try and check pretty often. I check my phone app for important pm's n such every few hours when I'm not on a comp, sitting at work infront of the comp.... when I'm not working and or my work is slow and not demanding, I'm refreshing the city every few mins to keep you fools in check!


    And for those who wonder how often I check on a pc not at work, I don't get on my laptop unless I'm working.... I find little need for my computer outside of work
  17. A lot because I'm taking all online class. I use it to procrastinate.
  18. I voted wrong on accident, I check it more than fb, thanks to the app I sit on gc all day at work and usually have it up on my computer at home. So really the answer is once, I just don't quit.
  19. Usually when I get home from college or work I open a grasscity tab and don't turn it off until I log off at like 3am LOL
  20. basically if im not at class, ill be on the comp doing hw/facebook/grasscity. Easily randomly open its 10 times a day.. not sure how i find the time for it but guess i do. peoples stories are great to read.

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