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how many times did you have to smoke before you got truly stoned?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mcgrathrips, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. me it took a while :( like 5 maybe 6 times
    Do you think that if it takes longer to get that high the more stoned you feel the time you actually do?

    happy toking:smoke:
  2. i got ripped my first time.....out of a can and took about 3 hits. got blasted :D
  3. first time, i got what i thought was high... i was just barely buzzed.... second time, my fucking head melted and i was most certainly stoned out of my fucking mind
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    After the first time I hit that sweet dank colorado opened my eyes to a whole different type of high..need less to say I instantly fell in love :love:
  5. It was the 4th time for me. I was getting what I thought was high but then I got fuuucccckkkeeeddd up while driving which was not good cuz I can barely drive sober. Haha.
  6. first time, nothing. second time, really fucking high.
  7. 4-5th time.. Like sirsog said... first time I thought I was high as it was a little buzz... then I actually got high and was mind-blown. :)
  8. first time i didnt get high. but i probably didnt inhale. the second time.. i got fucking blasted and end up running around my friends house with toys and having little gun battles.
    i was 13 at the time.
  9. i got really ripped second time i blazed it was out of a pop can took 3 to 5 hits
  10. Took like 5 or 6 times..

    Eventually I was like dude WTF so i packed three bowls in three different homemade pipes. Like Fatty bowls. I started chiefin' em down. By the last one i was like :smoking:

    Then i went inside sat on my couch and threw up on myself.

    First and Last time i ever greened out. That was like.. almost 3 years ago though.
  11. 1st time was one of the most stoned night of my life
  12. The first time..holy shit I was baked
  13. 1st day of college. My roommate and I smoked a ton of bowls and blunts with these random dudes. W oke up the next morning in a bed with two chicks and no clothes. Weed=Epic Win.
  14. first time i got nothin, only thing that happened was everything i drank or ate tasted like bud. but the next day i did it again and i got really really high.
  15. Two gbong hits my first time...I was fuckin stoned...I was like blacking out like we were riding down the road and then the next thing I knew we were at mcdonalds then I realized my mcdonalds was gone cuz I ate it but I didn't remember getting out of my sisters cr or anything I did t even remember eating. The whole night went on like that
  16. First time i was retarded, smoked an 1/8 of mids between 3 people.
  17. 3rd or 4th time i got the hang of it.
  18. First couple times I didn't inhale. :/.

    About the third time I smoked I just got the giggles, I inhaled then.

    One right after that, I got super baked and bugged the fuck out. Felt like I was teleporting. Two blunts between 6 people my first time wasn't such the greatest idea, but shit, was I stoned.
  19. thrid time I couldn't even lift up my head
  20. Luckily only 2, and it was at a concert ^_^

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