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how many times could you fim a plant?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by jayson33, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Recently I fimmed my plants twice and was wonder what was the ideal number of times I should do this to get a large yield, thanks in advance!
  2. I think if you allow it time to heal after each time and not do it too often you can fim as often as your lights and grow medium can handle. but remember, don't make more tops than your lighting can handle. You may end up lollipopping your buds anyways.....
  3. ah I see, how many times would you recommend for 1 400watt hps?
  4. Probably a lot if you mix it with LST. How long do you plan on Vegging it for?
  5. i think fim is same as top.... check out my grow. i took the top off at like 2 weeks. then a week later took the top of the second node on both sides. i think i also topped the two tops on one too... can't remember right now. i say keep going until about a month before you plan to flower.
  6. when you top a plant you get 2 tops then when you fim a plant you get 3 tops so its not the same
  7. ok... i'll have to study this a little more. thanks.
  8. Fimming vs topping = Fim or fuck I missed is clipping about 80% of the top vs topping which is clipping the entire node of new growth. Apparently different plants respond differently depending on strain, health and conditions so results will surely vary.
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    Topping the plant is where you cut the top of the stem a ways down so that
    their is a clean cut. When this happens the plant sends hormones and signals to
    the plant saying it needs to find a way to continue its vertical pursuit. So, where the plant would have started to grow side shoots in a week or so, now becomes the two dominant main stems.

    FIM is an acryonym for "Fuck, I missed!" It is referring to topping. It's said to have come from someone trying to top a plant, after "screwing up" the topping technique the grower decided to leave it and see what happens. The plant will do exactly what topping it does, but in addition this time, the part of the stem that was cut will sort of mutate and continue it's growth with sometimes more than three new stems. This means that from one FIM you possibly get four or five new stems.
  10. oh... ok... you just clip enough to encourage the 2 new tops but still leaving enough to grow the original one as well... thats pretty much what i did to mine... didn't know that was fimming.

  11. hahaha.. So from you experience you could kind of relate to where the name "FIM" came from then ay?
  12. did it on purpose, but didn't know i was doing it. thing is i do it so early, that a fim is all i can do. if i cut a node off, the plant would be gone. i cut everything i want to cut in the plants first month of life.

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