How many times a week?

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  1. So me and my coworker got into an argument today about how many times a week is acceptable to have sex with your significant other. She thinks only once or twice a week, where I am closer to 5-6 times a week. Also what about when you are on vacation? Her belief is why have sex on vacation when you can do that any day, which I see her point but I am more on the side of, well yeah you can have sex everyday but come on its VACATION sex. Any thoughts? Do I win? Lol.
  2. The more the better. I average about nine times a week, but that's because it is summer and school hasn't started. Sex after a long nights work is such a wonderful release.
  3. Well I'm a guy so I might be biased, but I think every day is VERY acceptable. Sex helps to relieve stress and is good exercise!
  4. as often as you and your partner can agree to. it's different for every person and couple.
  5. as many times as you want?
  6. Why the hell does it matter, everyone is free to touch butts as many times as they want ;)
  7. I can't really say. Sometimes we just like to do BDSM play and not have actual sex, other times it is just oral (her to me or me to her). We have actually gone a week or two without intercourse, but we engage in other sexual activities. Now if we are talking counting all activities then 4-6 times a week.
  8. shit, I've deff crammed like 16 times in one week, but my girl said she was sore after all the sex so often
  9. Ive thought about this quite a bit but why set a limit? Better yet set a limit and try to get to it if you cant then that is your limit

    you should get into a contest with your coworker to see who can have sex the most in one week
    *BJ's and Handy's dont count :D

    (oh if you guys do decide to go for it tell your significant other I said, "you're welcome"
  10. Many of u are sooo full of shit, saying u ' have sex 9 times a week'?? He'll no. Oh and I definitely think ur right
  11. Couple times a week,gf lives a good distance away and works a lot.
  12. You should at least be having sex like 14 times a week bro
  13. Me and my girl love each other's sex. We have sex at least once a day. Unless it's that time of the month, then I have to go a week without it (which fucking sucks, BTW). But I'd say on average 10 times a week. Every night before bed bare minimum, morning sex on the weekends, and the randome 'I'm horny, fuck me' sex whenever I can get her goin. Haha

    Oh and on the vacation issue, I say double the sex on vacations. Vacation sex is the greatest! Beacuse your fucking somewhere new which is always exciting. Oooh outdoors sex rocks!
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    Sex sounds like a chore to your coworker. Thats sad.

    I see my girl about 4 days out of the week. Bone about 8 times total during those 4 days (most of it comes from the weekends)

    ..we're pretty active [​IMG]
  15. Well my boyfriend and I have sex..every time we see each other pretty much lol, except in the beginning when we weren't having it or on random days where we were both exhausted..since we started having sex..we've only not had it when we were together one time lol. We have sex bewtween 4-6 times week. We usually see each other twice or three times a week, and usually have sex at twice or more when we see each other. I think it depends on the couple, we both have high sex drives so when we are together we can't not do it lolz. I don't think it'd be healthy to not have sex at all...but if some couples don't want to do it as much its their preference I guess.
  16. Fuck until you fall
  17. 2-3 a week + a BJ at some point and i'm good.
  18. My woman lives 3 hours away from me but she tries to come up every weekend and we usually fuck every night she's around.

    She's coming up tomorrow morning and after work I'm going to get some pussy, finally!
  19. Thanks guys :) I win.

    And seriously vacation sex is the best! She almost blew my mind whenever she said that she doesn't really have sex on vacation. And keep in mind this vacation is for our ANNIVERSARY. Like I mean come on, put out a little, woman!

    I see prostitutes in her husbands future.
  20. This is very true. Whenever we don't do anything sexual for more than a day we are usually grumpy and irritated and it usually ends in a fight. Sometimes when I sense a fight coming because I'm being a bitch or he is being an ass, I'll just get naked. Ends that right there! :p

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