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How many thinks like that?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by oddis, May 8, 2006.

  1. last night i was sitting in the forum ans reading, then i thought; there is alot of people with som great life experience around here! and i am learning more here at the city then the school... and i understand how importiant there is with safety" and secure use"! i love the city!!!

  2. The city loves you too :)

    keep smokin :smoking:
  3. I learn more on the city then I do at school. School is just a way to keep minors out of trouble, while saying its doing them good. Fuck them.

  4. maybe highschool, but not college. I learn so much about grass on grasscity, lol, but the city does not help much with physics equations and biology. And i am pretty sure i learn more about cars on rx7club then i do here.
  5. well i was talking about the drug related info dudes, we have atleast 2 houers a week with the same old propaganda: drugs kills, grass leeds to these drugs, but gotta love the city;) toke up. have a blast doing it!
  6. well you know what i do at school before school i get on GC 1st period i go to my computer and get on GC 2nd period i sleep 3rd i get on GC 4th i sleep i go home then get back on GC im in 3rd now haha
  7. School just teaches you how to follow directions. Drop out and get your GED, you can still go to college and it's basically the same thing as your high school diploma (General Equivilant Diploma).
  8. i have to disagree with that^. if you actually apply yourself they can put you in advanced classes and you get get a great education and credit hours free through highschool.

    Nothing wrong with a ged though, just saying there are better ways.

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