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  1. Hey guys I'm looking at producing my own seeds.
    I have a few options and would like a little input from some more experienced minds.

    I am only willing to have maybe 20 plants dedicated to a breeding project.

    I have two prospective father plant strains.
    One is an unknown strain but the plants and buds seem to have traits worth passing on.

    The second is stargazer I have two young plants I've just flipper to 12/12. My first time growing it but it seems to grow vigorously and symmetrical.

    The mothers I have white rhino and LA CONFIDENTIAL.
    Also likely the other two father strains.

    So to the question. Should I
    A) pollinate everything and catalogue all the genetic crosses

    B) Choose one father and one mother (input on what strains to cross are welcome)

    C) pick one father and cross with the WR and LA?

    D) any combination of ABC?

    Thank you to everyone.

  2. What are you planning to do with the seeds?
  3. Hey get some barney farms LSD, Liberty Haze and Cookies Kush.
    Those fast blooming indica's that will kick your ass plus all have very yields in 60 days
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  4. Two goals
    I don't want to buy seeds if I don't have to
    And I like the WR and LA.

    I am pretty sure I don't need or want to sort through all the possible combinations I'll stick to one or two.
    Any advice om what to cross
  5. No not really if you want to keep those 2 strains.
    Maybe a do si dos with a quick blooming health male with the LA.
    Then CS a limb or 2 and make feminized seed.
  6. Crossing two wonderful plants could easily produce a seed without either of the parents special characteristics. If you want seeds that reliably grow plants similar to the mother you need to stabilize the line by growing the seeds out and pick the offspring most like the parents and grow those out and continue until the seeds consistently produce the plants you want.
  7. Thanks cactus Ed
    That's my plan. Now that it's legal to grow ill always have a ton of plants on the go.

    Probably going with stargazer father WR mother.
    And selectively grow out a few generations.

    The stargazer is growing incredibly vigorously.

    Just moved them to my flower room so I can see if I have some males.

    Going to start a journal once I have parent selected.

    I'm currently flowering one indoor plant and the rest will finish naturally outdoors.
    So I won't be in a hurry to get more buds and I can concentrate on the breeding program

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