How many strains have you grown? Lets see your list!

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  1. I'm curious to see the variety of strains everyone has grown. Here's my list.

    Bagseed (of course)
    Grape Ape
    Strawberry Cough
    Master Kush
    Snow White
    Swiss Cheese
    Short Rider
    Sour Diesel
    Pineapple Kush
    Orange Crush x Sour Diesel
    Headband Kush
    Green Crack
    Cotton Candy
    Lemon Wreck
    Purple Urkle

    My first grow was in a bookshelf in my room in highscool with 2 bagseed.
    My second grow was the Stawberry Cough & Grape ape - 2 of each. Started in a closet and then moved outside into a dog house where they stayed at night and then got sun in the day. The 3rd grow was Sour D, Master Kush, Snow White, Swiss Cheese, Short Rider, Blackberry, and Goo (55 plants all together) outdoors. 4rth grow was Pineapple Kush, Sour D, Orange Crush X Sour D, C99, and 2 Headband in a tool shed. My current grow is Purple Urkle, C99, Green Crack, Lemon Wreck, Headband, Cotton Candy, and 7 bagseed outdoors and I just started some clones from each strain indoors.

    I think that's all of them but I'm a stoner and tend to forget, lol. I'll update my list if I think of any others I missed.
  2. Bag seed, Cheese, workin on some purple kush (=

    Do you Recommend any places to buy seeds, or any good outdoor oregon strains for nxt year?
  3. AK48
    Old Timer
    Sweet Tooth
    Ingmar's Punch
    Deep Chunk
    MK Ultra
    Black Widow
    White Widow
    Lemon Skunk
    OG Kush 18
    Pure Pakistani
    Sensi Star
    White Rhino
    Hashplant Haze
    Moby Dick
    Blue Venom
    Ice Cream
    LA Confidential
    Burmese Kush
    Palauan Sativa
    Pinay Sativa
    Koh Samui Thai
    Heavy Duty Fruity
    NL5 Skunk
    Blue Hash
    Sour Kush
    Pineapple Chunk
    Red Diesel
    That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
    First grow was in '83. I worked as a busboy alongside a guy that "climbed over a mountain" to get out of Afghanistan before the Russians got to his village. I showed him a film canister full of seeds I had, and he said he had some really strong seeds that had fell in the crack at the bottom of his suitcase. This guy (Abraham) said his family were hash farmers, so I figured what the hell. A friend of mine and I snuck into a cornfield and pulled up some stalks and threw the seeds down. Didn't take care of them. Came back and yanked 'em when they looked done. Dried 'em upside down on a nail outside (no cure). So first grow was pre-invasion Afghani that I pretty much ruined.
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    This is the best thing I have ever read.
  5. I've only bough seeds online twice and wasn't impressed either time, so I usually grow from clone now. If you're in Oregon you should be able to get ahold of some pretty good strains. C99 and Green Crack are two of the toughest strains Ive ever grown, and great smoke too.
  6. My first grow was some cheap seeds I bought from attitude, white widow*bigbud. Then I moved on to LA Conf,
    Mr. Nice Critical Mass and
    THSeeds SAGE
    Right now I have Emerald Triangle's Purple Kush,
    Dutch Passion Blueberry,
    GHS Kalishnikova (freebie, some new strain i guess, AK*WW),
    THSeeds Burmese Kush (I found balls on this girl a few days ago, so sad),
    all of these are about 3 weeks 12/12. The blueberry is for hash and cookies, the hammerhead is for smoke and the pk was personal but now I'm having mixed feelings about the pk.
    In storage I have Barney's Farm Vanilla Kush
    GHS Exodus Cheese(freebie)
    and Black Label White Rhino.
    There's more but I'm fried right now. I ordered Headband, Chocolope and LSD, expected to arrive soon (waiting for the weekend to pass).
  7. I'd like to try sage sometime. It just sounds good.

    Why're you thinking twice about the PK? Its usually a good strain.
  8. the sage was something special, i'm kinda mad at myself for not keeping any clones. the pk is from emerald triangle, a new seed bank i think but from norcal nonetheless. i did a little research on them before i bought their seeds and they seemed pretty solid. they said in their description of the strain that it would only stretch about 15/20% during flower. so i vegged it till it was about 14 inches. 3 weeks into flowering and she is now 3 ft tall and would have been taller if i wasn't forced to supercrop her 4 tops about a week ago. now i know the complexities of growing multiple strains but she is more than a foot taller than everyone else in my grow and right now i'm tight on space. i just really didn't expect her to stretch so much. i have an 8 by 4 tent being delivered soon so that will relieve some space and i have about 10 of them ready to transplant as soon as that tent gets here. i have 2 out of 3 flowering so i'll wait to see what she does.
  9. Original Haze
    Jack Herer
    Sensi Star
    Mother's Finest
    Original clone-only G13
    Original White Widow
    Northern Lights #iforget
  10. Jellyman, what was your fav off that list?
  11. Just my little bit of input
    Grapefruit Diesel
    Red Dragon
    Big Bud
    Pineapple Express
    Critical +
    Blue Widow
    Blue Hash
    California Hash
    Mango Kush
  12. Bagseeds
    Snow white
    Blue Mystic
    Northern lights blue
    Tangerine Dream
    I have OG#18 and Sour kush going now...
  13. Master Kush
    Bubba Kush
    Super Lemon Haze
    Green Dream
    Blue Dream
    Purple Trainwreck
    Alien Trainwreck
    Sour Diesel
    White Rhino
    Cat Piss
    Lemon Kush
    Green Crack

    My Super Lemon Haze had the Best taste out of all of them though. :cool:
  14. Do you think a Lemon Haze/Trainwreck cross would be good? I've got a couple of Lemon Wrecks in my garden this year. Originally I thought they were Sour D X Trainwreck because I've seen other people with that cross, but now I'm thinking it's the other cross going around that's Lemon Haze x Trainwreck. I'm hoping the smoke turns out good whichever cross it is. I pulled one of those bonehead moves where I reached down looking at one row of clones, but accidentally grabbed from the next row over. So I thought I was buying something else and never asked about the genetics of these.
  15. i've had some lemon wreck...its pretty fucken good. you can send it up to me in seattle if you dont want it though! ;)
  16. Lemon Wreck is nice, but the best Trainwreck cross ive ever tried, is PeachWreck. And yea, it tasted and smelled like Peaches. I was floored to say the least. I tried everything possible to get a seed or clone. No luck, so goes the story of cannabis clubs
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    Spaced the thread, sorry. Just never in Smoke Reports.

    AK is just boring. Fruity and the best examples have a kind of tartness to the fruity smell/flavor. There's talk about the "cherry" pheno but imo all AK tastes cherryish. Good yields. However, the high is always boring.

    NL was so piney. I love that pine flavor. One of the nicer indicas with a more pleasant high. I really don't remember much at all about that one, other than the taste/smell. Hairy buds.

    Sensi Star's high was too heavy & incredibly strong unless harvested too early for decent yields- not that it ever yielded well. A sledgehammer with the words "One Hit Wonder" engraved on it. Not an enjoyable high but the power of it is astonishing. I originally bought the seeds looking for the strongest indica to breed my favorite sativa with. I quickly decided that I didn't want my best smoke adulterated with such an unhappy high. Ended up just getting rid of all SS harvest. Other smokers thought it was incredible. Even though it wasn't to my taste, it deserves a place in the history books as a major achievement in cannabis breeding.

    Widow is more what I look for in a nighttime smoke. Enough sativa to feel good with enough indica to end the day on. Intensely relaxing. Very stoney & not weed to get stuff done on. Very potent. I couldn't begin to describe the smell & taste. It's just a smorgasbord of enticing smells/flavors. Goes well with dessert. More appetite-enhancing than the average bud. Probably the densest buds of all the strains listed here. The first quality genetics I ever ordered. Ordered them from Heaven's Stairway and I think it was Greenhouse's offering. I don't remember anytime after seeing the package that I wasn't grinning.

    Jack is great stuff but for long-term use, it just seems to be missing a facet to its high that I look for. Great daytime smoke. Beautiful foxtails like little, sparkly, green worms with red accents all tangled together into buds. Lovely, extremely crystally plants. Smell is strongish but not overwhelming; hazey with a sweetness. A yummy smell like some kind of good bakery food. Having only grown it from one mother, I've often wondered if a different example of the genetics would have that certain something my plants were missing.

    The G was one of the most memorable smokes of my life. Definitely the trippiest one. Nothing has ever compared. I don't want to say it was better than any other strain, because it's not one I'd smoke every day. It certainly has its place at the top, though. Somewhat leafy and virtually no smell. But not normal leafy; viney leafy. For some reason I never forget that vine-like look to the twisting leaf stems. It wasn't exceptionally crystally either, and you could just tell that there was potency inside the plant and not just from its crystal. The buds tend to be sticky unless dried to a crisp. I can't remember the taste. I got ahold of a clone long before I ever cloned a plant or kept a mother plant. After flowering that one plant a dozen years ago, I never encountered quite the same stuff again.

    Original Haze I was extremely proud to have gotten ahold of from some of the best growers that I had a brief opportunity to meet. It seemed so special, having come from experienced and respected people. Takes four months to get the best bud out of it but the best bud is certainly what it is. The stretch is legendary. The plants just go up and up and up until they're taller than me. I tried topping for as many as eight stalks to shorten the height. I figure, if it gets 8' tall with one stalk, maybe it'll only get to a foot tall with eight stalks. By two months later I've got four plants with roughly 32 stalks hitting the ceiling, and the poor little 400w is wondering where the plant tops went. 1000w lighting is almost a necessity for Haze, to have light that reaches the lower, or even middle branches. Aside from the cola at the very top, most of the buds don't engulf the main stem like with many other varieties. Two buds grow at each node, one on each side. They get bigger towards the plant tops but stay pretty separate from the main stalk. The buds grow slowly. Yield ends up being moderate but taking the flowering time into account, yield is low. The taste is of course hazey with its classic smell. The high has everything and a bag o' chips. The buds are lovely little cones of crystal, made mostly of fat calyxes. If I didn't have to grow it myself, this is what I'd smoke most of the time; some nice 120day Haze. It's high is so full, with a little of everything to it.

    Mother's Finest was chosen as a Haze that could fit well into a small indoor grow, after two very informative MF grows illustrated on the old OG site in the first year MF was available. It was also the strain that my wife and I picked out when we first got together. The new location wouldn't support full-size Haze plants and after using 1000's for the Haze, I'd reached my limit on how much work I wanted to put into growing. I downsized to just over what we could smoke ourselves, chose a smaller, more indoor friendly plant and I've had Mother's Finest ever since.

    MF has three very different phenos; one for each of the three major strains used in its breeding. First, there's the Russian Kush pheno. It sucks. Tastes & smells just like grass clippings. This bad smell isn't just the smell of the plant's leaves, but a strong odor that eminates from the plant. No real high whatsoever. Short, low-yielding indica-looking plant. I've heard that there is a better example of this pheno that can pop up but I've never seen it. The buds are so crystally, like all of the phenotypes, but there is just no high to them. Shortest flowering time of the three at around 50days.

    Second is the Haze pheno. MF Haze is just like original haze in how it grows- typical haze stretch, buds, low yield. Very, very crystally buds, though; even more so than original Haze. The smoke is absolutely fantastic. The buds are little cannabis jewels. More than moderately smelly but omg what a smell. Even in veg, MF Haze plants will smell deliciously skunky/hazey and are easily destinguishable from the other phenos. The other two phenos have virtually no smell in veg. Obviously more sativa-like leaves in veg than her two siblings as well. Flowered at about 8", this pheno will be over 3' tall after only four weeks of 12/12. Mouth-watering smell in late flowering that makes it so hard to wait 110+days. It's the second most common phenotype. This stuff is my all-time favorite bud.

    The third and final MF, the Jack pheno, is what I call the standard pheno. It's the most common and is basically what Sensi was looking for when breeding MF; a short, high-yielding haze. This little girl is the creme de la creme of indoor sativas. Huge hazey buds and no stretch. Each 2' tall plant in about a 14" square area, topped for six colas, can yield more than a QP trimmed & dry, with the bigger colas weighing over half an oz. It needs to flower a little late to really get its best stone. It's a little speedy harvested any earlier. 96 days is typical. It has a very low odor during flowering but still manages a great flavor when smoked. Curing enhances this great flavor and brings it out as a very nice smell. The buds are made up of Jack foxtails that all grow upwards. The calyxes aren't quite as flat as those on most Jack foxtails. As they mature, the calyxes of the foxtails swell into a more Haze-like appearance, becoming teardrop calyxes covering thin stems. The high is wonderfully happy. Flowered late enough, there's no speediness to the high but it's still talkative and active. It has the great daytime high of the Jack but the Haze fills in what the Jack is missing. Wonderful stuff to have a hit or two of before work. An extra bonghit or two is all it takes to move from ready to work to ready to relax or sleep. Probably the most sativa bud I've tried that still helps me sleep. It's both uplifting and relaxing. It's our favorite choice of indoor sativas to grow and our #1 all day, everyday smoke. The Haze pheno comes out on top in a single smoking session, but the standard, in both our opinions, just makes for a happier life of smoking pot. More "high" and less "stoned" if ya know what I mean. Also, being relaxing while at the same time giving energy makes it a great aphrodesiac. Two other couples have agreed with us on this- one of which just had a baby. This standard pheno is what I've been smoking while writing this.

    Edit: A couple years ago I lost my last MF mother and tried getting new seeds. Out of two packs from two different retailers in two different countries, only two seeds germinated. One died shortly after of birth defects. All freebies germed just fine in all orders, excluding a couple crushed ones. It took three purchases to get a plant of the most common phenotype. The last & ultimately successful one was a partial pack from WWS. After this problem, I searched online and found two other people who had the same issue germinating MF seeds. With the glowing review I just posted of it, I feel obligated to warn people that most seeds of this strain haven't been germinating lately. I haven't reccomended Sensi or Mother's Finest seeds since.
  18. Thanks for sharing your insights into your strains, Jellyman. Sounds like you earnt some nice bud.
  19. I have 3 grows under my belt.

    First Grow: Bag Seed

    Second Grow: Master Kush, Ak-48, White Castle

    Third Grow: Extreme Indica, Burmese Kush

    I don't know what I will be growing for my next one.

  20. Purple Kush is clone only, I have been stumped on the process of getting one for awhile now. Only thing I can think of is a medical dispensary with clones but I am nowhere near one :(

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