how many states have you lived in?

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  1. just curious as to how...well rounded everyone is haha.

    for thos eof you who live in other countries, how many countries have you lived in or how many different parts of the same country have you lived in?

    i'm on my 7th state, soon to be 8th.
  2. No "0" option?


    And I just lived in Ontario, but this place is like 3 states. :smoke:
  3. lol well i also asked for those of you who arent american how many times you've moved within the same province/country
  4. I am going to move to a state after I finish college, hopefully California.

    green card :D
  5. will that be your first time living out of your current state?
  6. Yeah, that will be the hard part. I am a plane ride away from my family and friends. But I need to leave the nest sometime.
  7. I voted 6 because I have lived in four U.S. states and two bases in Germany.

  8. England, Scotland and France
  9. 1

    Those are countries :p
  10. 1, I've never even been to another state or country.
  11. Two, but they are right next to each other :D
  12. I've lived in a few regions, countries and states, on a few different continents during my travels to learn about cannabis! :D

    I traveled exclusively to expand my canna-knowledge and immerse myself in different canna cultures, to pitch in at a few larger and well-structured operations, and more often to help educate and train others in more remote areas, who were/are in-need.
    I've moved house dozens of times over the years (not for security reasons.. when I was a bit younger, I just couldn't sit still in any one place for very long!) but a good handful of the moves were within the same state or region. :)

    The places I feel safest mentioning are a few of the more 'relaxed' states in both Australia, and the US, where cannabis has either been partially decriminalized, made medicinally 'legal', or less often, where the local authorities just have a more relaxed outlook on cannabis compared to the real problems that plague any small and budget-strapped community. :p
  13. just Florida and Georgia and I was only in Georgia for 6-7 months.

  14. nice man i'm assuming LRAFB i just moved to NC from there and worked on base. how long ago was that? i actually lived in cabot though.
  15. The only bases I have lived on in the U.S. were Blytheville AFB when I was born and Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS after we moved back from Germany. I was a kid when my dad was in the Air Force so pretty much from 81-94 or so I lived on bases. We just moved to Paragould, AR after he retired.
  16. Houston Texas (currently) Virginia, baltimore Maryland (born there), Greece ( lived there for 6 months. And I'm not in college yet
  17. california
    new jersey
    north carolina

  18. lot of the same places as me, kinda

    new jersey
    north carolina
    new york

    soon to be south carolina

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