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How many solo stoners are on here?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ISmokeGrass, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. So Im just wondering who here smokes by themselves? (prolly everyone if they can't find someone to toke with haha) but anyways. I smoke with my friends all the time but I also really enjoy just getting off a hard days work, coming home to a nice green stash, ready to be put in my lungs, and a bong to put it there. I like when I can just chill, smoke at my own pace, don't have to worry about my supply and I prolly smoke alone just as much as I do with my friends.
  2. Yup... I just chill and smoke by myself alot, but I smoke with my friends alot also.
  3. i smoke with friends every day but yes... always very very nice to come home after everything sit back in bed put in a good movie and hit the bong a few times... makes sleep better and easier too.
  4. Same, I smoke by myself a lot, but my friends as well.
  5. Everynight after the Gym.
  6. sometimes when i cant sleep or am extremely bored, but i usually have more fun when im with my friends.
  7. I smoke by myself because it's a different experience. Definitely filled with self discovery and loving music/movies.
  8. i smoke by myself most days
  9. :rolleyes:Yes...if you posted here enough you would know there's a bunch of threads like this
  10. Whole lotta times everyday since I practice my music everyday just about . I use it to concentrate when learning a new song or when I feel creative and want to write something original .

    During these last ten years I solo taught myself how to play acoustic nylon classical style guitar , steel string acoustic guitar , electric guitar and synthesizer midi guitar .

    Just before I began that guitar thing I learned the keyboard .

    Took 3 years for the basic fundamentals to start to flow in a natural kind of organic graceful motion for both instruments to start to sound good for me :smoking:. And of course I smoked during these practice sessions always alone mostly . :wave: I have also a neighbor who's been there too by my side when I practiced with him , we always practice stoned . He's not bad for an amateur .

    I was a professional musician playing many years on an other instrument before I began the above statement . Now I have added these two other instruments ( guitars & keyboard ) to my instruments quiver case on stage .

    I love it . Now the guys who respect my musical skills on what they are used to seeing me perform on are doing double takes when they see me walk in with guitars too and then look really shocked when I show then I can make em rip too !

    I learn music related stuff off the net , off my pc's DVD interactively while doing a doobie :hello: while holding a guitar .

    Aloha :

    Local Boy
  11. I like solo blazin' because it's a chance to reflect. You don't have to entertain anyone, you don't have to worry about having munchie food, you can just chill wherever you want and listen to music or do whatever the hell YOU want to. That's why I like it. It's some alone time with me.
  12. i smoke by myself.
    i used to smoke with "friends" but i realized this last year that they were fake as hell and i couldn't trust any of them. so i just started smokin by myself which works out for the best now.
    i got a gf, and a job, along with school. so i barely have time to smoke as it is...
    so i just come home from school and smoke before i go to work.
    or on my days off enjoy a firecracker and the chaos that ensues.
    im only sober when i spend the day with my girl. cuz she doesn't like me being high around her. cuz she says im stupid then. hah.
    but i agree smoking alone is good introspection time.
    makes you realize alot about yourself that you didn't notice before.
  13. I smoked by myself tonight, and smoked with kids last night. It all depends on the night, both are enjoyable. I can smoke by myself and play guitar, surf grasscity, listen to music etc and i can smoke with friends and just hangout, go places, etc etc.

    Enjoyable in both ways!:D
  14. i smoke by myself all the time now that my girl has stopped i love it strait chill and she knows not to blow my high
  15. about to engage in smoking solo as i type. got my feast waiting for me...anyone recommend a good movie?
  16. i personally love any of the friday's high.
    or if you're wanting trippy...
    the butterfly effect.

  17. Holy Mountain if you are super stoned. It is the weirdest movie ever made. But if just chill stoned The Big Lebowski for sure. Or DragonWars, its so bad that its funny.
  18. Smoking by yourself is the shit, no better way to wind down from a hard day than with a joint, and maybe a beer or 6.:cool::smoking: Also it makes running errands way better. Damn i love weed
  19. i think im gonna watch friday. anyone know how to disable that time restraint on megavideo?
  20. ya learn to use usenet newsgroups

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