How Many Shrooms?????

Discussion in 'General' started by tokeitall, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. was just wondering how many shrooms to take if its your first time taking shrooms??? enough to egt us triping but not so much i never come down ya know or OD and shit jus yeh how many is reccommended?:wave:
  2. also, how much till the average guy hallucinates(sp?)
  3. I'd say take an 1/8th for your first time, my first time i only took a half 1/8th, and got a mild body buzz, and was highly dissapointed. Takes about an hour for the effects to start to come in.
  4. i ate an 8th my first time (3.5grams) and it was amazing. Everything around me was moving in waves and it looked like the floor was coming up higher and higher oh ya and dont worry about the OD thing, i dont think you can on shrooms and just remember that your not going to be stuck in the trip for ever and it will wear off in a few hours. So go out and have some fun and get trippin!
  5. Repeating what I've already said in other threads about mushrooms, the emptier your stomach when you take them, the less you'll need to eat to get off and the quicker the effects kick in. I once fasted for 3 days, ate one cap and a stem and started feeling the effects in 15 minutes... ended up preaching the gospel to a dog in a huge field, giving birth to the world, and spending a good amount of time reminding myself that I can't fly.
  6. damage control from misinformation:

    you cant OD on shrooms

    you will always come down, you cant get "stuck" tripping

    shrooms are subjective in reference to potency. start your first time with 2 grams.
    or, if you have a stabile mind and sound reasoning, start with a full 1/8th.

    have fun, and relax.
  7. i did shrooms for the first time the other day. I was trippin decently after 2 grams (trailers, shifting colors, sound distortion, ect) but i ate my whole 8th.
  8. yup definetly 3.5 grams.. the first time you do shrooms you dont trip as hard as the rest of the time.. its more getting a sense of the feeling it gives.
  9. I'm pretty sure shrooms are technically poison. Dont quote me on that but i'd be willing to be you could. OD on shrooms if you ate enough. Granted, you'd have to eat WAY more than anyone would take for a personal dose.

    I have been "stuck" tripping though. I ate 3 grams and was chillin for a while. Then it spiraled out of control. I was under a blanket that was eating me, sweating bullets, hoping that the people around me wouldnt take me to the hospital, but wanting it all to end.

    For a first timer, i'd suggest anywhere from a half 8th to a full 8th. Just dont go into it with any worries or negativity in your head and you'll be fine.

    Edit: did some research. Has anyone ever died from eating psilocybes?

    but honestly, you can overdose on water, so i have no problem believing that at some point, mushrooms can be OD'd on as well.

  10. Technically, the psylocybin in the mushroom is the poison...

    XColonelsPrideX, I noticed in your sig that you quote Greta Garbo, but have a pic of Bette Davis. Why the pic of Bette?
  11. ditto.
  12. no connection. just like them both.
  13. you still came down though, right? right.

    however i do retract my statement about not od'ing....that was stupid and not thought out.
  14. i wanna try shrooms, but i cant ever find any

  15. Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something...? :D
  16. yeah, thats message obviously is shrooms are hard to get
  17. I say eat 2 grams or less for you first time just to see how you react. You could be allergic or something. My first time I ate 1.5 grams and tripped HARD as fuck. Oh we're talking dry weight here not the ones you pick in a field as those will weigh about 10X more.

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