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How many servings?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Sunless Shade, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Hey guys.
    I'm currently trying to figure out how many brownie servings I have to make. I'm planning on using 5g, and the mix I bought weighs 360g (plus 50g butter that I have to add) and is made for 8 servings.

    5g = 5000mg of dry weight.
    The THC content of these buds is 16.5%, meaning in total I have 5000mg*0.165 = 825mg of THC.

    This is where I get confused: An average serving is 10mg of THC, so am I meant to make about 80 servings? I keep seeing different answers on different websites, such as people saying they had 1g per serving or others saying they had 2.5g per serving, but that seems to be way too much...
    How many servings should I make for a batch containing 5g?

  2. you are over thinking it. here is what i use. a single edible takes about a 1/4 of a gram of decarbed ganja to get good and high. so an eighth would work for a boxed brownie recipe. you could double that but it starts to get to potent at that point. i make edibles often i used an eighth per box brownie recipe and no more then a quarter of decarbed ganja per box recipe. i do turn the decarbed ganja into canna oil for better onset time.

    when i make single serving stuff like hot coco i use a quarter of a gram to a half of a gram of decarbed ganja per single serving. it works great and gets me good and toasty. getting to high from edibles fucking sucks man. you don't green out like you do with smoking, you get high er and higher untill youre sick. it can last for days too.


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