How many roaches are in a pound of weed ?

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  1. Hahahaha!

    In 1976 I lived in Iran (long story) for a while. While there my brother and I "found" some weed. (I say 'found' but it grew everywhere, wild and cultivated.... although the people cultivating it were absolutely certain it wasn't marijuana, so much so that my brother was later able to trade a half ounce of bud for a half pound of hash.)

    Anyway... the first weed we got was all leaf, and harsh. And we didn't have papers. So we initially rolled spliffs using brown paper bags for rolling papers. (And yeah... it took both of us to roll em. lol.) Needless to say, that didn't help how harsh the weed was, so we rolled an ounce or more into each 'joint.' The high, btw, was about the same as smoking a couple of joints because just about everything went up in smoke. Later, we discovered that tampon wrappers were about twice as thick as Bugler cigarette papers, leading to the Great Tampon Raid of 1976, when my brother and I hit up every magahzeh in town and bought all the Kotex we could find! What the shopkeepers thought of that I'll never know, but at least we had some way to smoke. Come to think of it though, we mostly had hash in our coffee to avoid the attention of the authorities who would have shot us if they'd caught us.

    Hadn't thought of that in thirty years! Mostly when I think back to getting high in Iran, I remember my brother interposing himself between me and the refrigerator after we'd eaten some hash. Staring out with blood red eyes wide like deer in headlights, he groaned, "Don't drink the beer! You'll O.D.!!!" Then went and laid on the roof for nineteen hours. :D
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  2. Hopefully None LOL
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  3. Ha ha tampon wrappers pmsl.
    Reminds me of what I seen some rastas do in africa when i went in 2004.
    They were walking round with half a page of a phone book and spitting on it all day and scrunchin it up.
    I didnt have a clue why until later that night when i was having a smoke (they sold red rizla there tho)the guys pull out this wet raggy bit of paper and rolled a mental looking spliff with it.
    theyd been softening the paper up all day i think its to make it stick to roll a joint at night
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Nope not a blunt person I prefer joints first but I am a custom pool cue and custom pipe maker.
    All my pipes have a 1/2 inch ID and are either glass or aluminum lined they are the best hitting cannabis pipe I have ever smoked out of ..

    Straight up my friend I went into growing with only one priority , to grow the best cannabis strains known to man to supply myself with all the kick ass weed I can smoke .
    I put my heart and wallet into growing and now my efforts are producing the fruits of my labor .

    After smoking 2 or 3 pounds of weed rolled into joints , I couldn't help from wonder how many roaches I have .

    As of smoking the roaches ,,, I am very tempted after I started this thread to give them to my friend who is chained to a dialysis machine for the rest of his life ..

    I don't mind smoking roaches but I first reach for the jar of green bud .

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  6. Mad looking pipe that dude aint seen 1 of them b4.
    Ive got a dr.dabber for concentrates and a grace glass mini saxo for buds,both excellent at doing there own job.
    To be fair i think its a hard question youve asked,about the weight of whats left to smoke.
    Too many factors involved as i imagine every spliff is slighty different but
    As long as your pal is getting something from them then fair enough.
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  7. It’s bad to say it but Bible pages work swell in a pinch too.
    U talk about the paper bag, reminds me of this dirt weed we had one summer we’d roll up quarters of it to smoke at a time just to get stoned. Rolled into a turnpike toll once puffin on one, what a summer. Shit that was ‘94 maybe. my best memory of ‘76 is comin outta Momma . So there was no tampon heist of ‘76 for her, or me ! Ha

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  8. "I used to be high on weed. Now I'm high on the Lord... and weed, but the Good Book showed me the way! Hallelujah!
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  9. Gotta admit, the washboard potato-chip player is in the groove!
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  10. We always used a beer can or soda can to make pipe out of, I made a elk horn pipe ..
    Fuck me it tasted so bad I lost my lunch .
    tried toilet paper one time , it didn't work but tasted better then the elk horn .
    Cool story .
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  11. When I started getting into making wood pipes I did a little research into what woods to avoid, and along the way ran into a warning against making horn pipes. They look cool, but evidently they harbor a bacteria that can seriously fuck up your lungs.

    PSA to anyone making wood pipes: avoid black oak, rose, and purple heart: Black oak often has spalling that is toxic, rose is seriously carcinogenic to work with (so imagine how bad it must be on your lungs!) and purple heart is so allergenic that it comes sealed in wax, and requires what amounts to haz-mat protection to be worked.

    The thing about the hart's horn really bums me out. I really admired them for pipes. I have several horns gathering dust in my garage too.
  12. Briar wood is what most pipe makers use ..

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