How many qb132 boards for 4 x 4?

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  1. I have 2 hlg-320h-36a drivers that I want to use on a fixture. From what I understand the qb132 boards run 75w each. When I look at the hlg website, it says that I can run 6 qb132 boards per ballast. The best I can tell that would mean roughly 53w per board. Would it be better to run 4 boards per driver and max them out, or run 6 boards at lower wattage? If I run 4 boards per driver, will I have to adjust the driver to prevent from blowing the boards? Ive been reading but still get confused on the technical aspects of the build, any help would be appreciated.
  2. I've been looking at these boards for myself if it was mine I would get 4 packs of them with 4 hlg 240h 36a drivers and wire in parallel not series, as this will give you more adjustability. That's over 1000 watts of potential power. Overkill for a 4×4 but you don't want your boards maxed out because they create alot more heat when ran hard vs 60%
  3. Probably closer to 600 to 700 watts needed for fill a 4x4 effectively. More dimmed boards is always better for heat. You lose a lot of canopy penetration even if you have coverage it won't matter if you aren't training the plants to fill the space.
  4. Nope Its 28 watts per square foot if you are using certain led boards as like the op said he wanted to buy ..
    If its a run of the mill blurple its 48 Watts per square foot ……which equals 768 watts for a 4x4 tent
  5. I wouldn't run anything under 600watts in a 4x4 no matter the quality of the light source.
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    Thank you for all the replies.

    I already have the drivers , which I got for free, that is why I wanted to use the 320's. I think that I also got two of the 240-36b drivers as well. That is also why I want to stick to 36v boards.

    Heat isnt really an problem here other than in July and August. I grow in a converted, insulated. 8 x 8 shed. By the end of September I will likely be trying to find a way to warm the grow area rather than cool it. As long as it doesn't burn the plants or blow the boards I am not terribly worried about heat.
  7. I understand , Required amount and what people actually feel the minimum required wattage isn't enough is pretty normal.
    I am running actual 1400 watts in one tent and 1200 watts in the other.
  8. in a 4x4 area you would want 8x qb132 boards. run each group of 4 boards off one hlg-320h driver. that will give you 75w / board total from 8 boards would be 600w total.

    I run 4xqb132 in a 2x4 tent, so this is simply doubling that for a 4x4 tent :)

    if you also have another 2x of the hlg-240-36 drivers than you could split your 8x8 shed into 2 areas - use the 2x 320 drivers for the flower area, and use the 240 drivers with 8x more qb132's in the veg area.

    since you are in a 8x8 shed and may need additional heat in the cooler months, you may even want to consider a combo of CMH and LED. When I expand into a larger tent hopefully in a few months I'm moving down to my very cool temp basement and needing the extra heat plan on a combo of CMH surrounded by QB boards to even out the lighting across the canopy.
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  9. After looking through old threads on a number of forums I decided to go with the 8 board setup as you mentioned. Tbone recomended to another poster the 8 board setup with my exact drivers, so I dont think it will have any problems other than the increased heat. I ordered 8 boards and a multipack of wago connectors this morning so hopefully that fixture will be up and running this weekend. When I get more cash I am going to build a second fixture with the 240 drivers. My plan is to run autos for a while and just start them under the 240s and slide them over under the 320s come flower time. I agree with the idea of running led cmh combo for extra heat, but I would likely just use the 600w hps I have now so I can avoid the extra expense for the time being. I am considering making my LED fixture somewhat modular so that I can run the 600w hps in the center and have it flanked in the front and back by the two sets of qb's.
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  10. IMO this is the best possible setup. When LED actually became a usable light source HID was totally abandoned and no one even looked at the other benefits of HID lighting. Biggest piece was having a more well rounded spectrum Vs. gearing the spectrum to what we all thought would grow the best. Which why we are now seeing LED companies adding in different blues/reds/uv/ir. That's why I prefer the CMH is it has the best overall spectrum of light, produces very little heat and those bulbs burn FOREVER. You'll get 5 years out of 1 bulb if you only flower with it. That's 70$ well spent IMO.

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