How many pulls gets you high ?

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  1. And after you fill your vape how many pulls until it the weed needs to be replaced?

    I am a total newbie I just need to know this please so I at least know a little bit before my vacation in Vegas.

    I don't want to keep pulling and pulling and pulling. I gotta know the basics.

  2. I only have knowledge/experience in herbal vaporizers, know nothing about wax pens or THC cartridges. Herbal vapes will kind of taste like a burnt popcorn/metallic flavor when done in my experience. Vaped weed is done when it is a dark dark brown color, but not black. Black means you're burning instead of vaping. Not sure if it is true for all herbal vapes, but in my experience make sure you stir the bowl occasional to expose more bud to the heat and start at the lowest temp and gradually increase.

    For me my pax 2 will last me 20-30 pulls on a packed trench and going from temp one to temp 3 over time.
  3. vapes do not get me as high as smoking, so I have to take about 100 pulls in 30 minutes to get high
  4. mine is a nokiva and its a dry herb vape thanks to the first smoker that replied. Most helpful.
  5. Why did you make two topics for this
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  6. i think it all depends on load size, drag length and speed!

    If you drag lets say 1 litter of air at 3cfm (a long drag of over 20 sec) with a medium high temp and a load of over .2, hold it in for over 10 seconds, only two puffs like that gets me very high (so fast that i could take five of them before the effects fully come on, lets say in a 5-15min timelapse)

    However, with small drags and small buckets (maybe under 0.02) I can take over 50 puffs (with 2-5 reloads)
    in a half hour and still take more.
  7. How many pulls you need to get high depends on the quality of the herb from my experience.
    I can get a nice buzz going with 2-3 long inhales from my crafty vaporizer with really good weed, although i only have 1 session at night and sometimes a day off so i don't really develop that much of a tolerance.

    How many pulls total also depends on the quality of the herb, but somewhere between 15-30 pulls generally from my experience. It's done when it looks brown and starts tasting like popcorn.
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