How many pulls does it take to get high ???

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by PotTourist, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. How many on a vape pen. Just give me a estimate. 3 pulls ? 5 ? 2 ? 1 ? I havent been high for so long I don't know what high feels like. I need to know when I am close to it.
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  2. Do a certain amount and if you're not high enough vape some more.
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  3. Lol what @Garzak said.... For me though, I'll go 3 pulls and see where I'm at from there.
  4. When I get a new cartridge, I start with 2-3 and wait 15-20 mins to try and get a feel for the quality. Also, taking 4-5 short draws where you get a bit but let the power go out and then taking a final long draw will get you the biggest hits. How many it will take like anything else depends on tolerance. That being said, I started out with shit street BHO made by friends that I vaped with a pen that I built, and switched to cartridges when they became available in the stores. But once I got dab rigs and a torch and started doing things that way, I can rarely get the same buzz off of a cartridge that I do off of a hot dab. It may be that when I dab I'm using more at once, it may have to do with the heat, it may be both, or it may be neither. I still buy at least one cartridge(closer to two on average I'd say) per month for my insomnia. I tend to wake up 5-6 times per night, so I'll buy heavy indicas that don't do much more than make me euphoric and sleepy. It works well for something easy that knocks me back out without having to wake up enough to do dabs, which obviously requires considerably more user effort.

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  5. depends on how much you drag and how hard you drag ... i go 5 times and keep the smoke on last drag for a few seconds

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