How many pots will my growing weed need?

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  1. Seriously it’s in the title. On average for an indoor grow in a 3 x 3 x 6 tent how many different size pots might I need For my weed?
  2. What?
  3. Depends on your plans . If im understanding correctly . Whats your goal ?
  4. Just trying to ascertain how many different size pots I will probably need. Thinking of starting with nursery bags, Leading to fabric pots. I was thinking that the plant won’t need anything larger than a 5 gallon pot To finish with. And then maybe one, two, three, four, gallon pots to proceed it? Not sure that’s why I’m asking
  5. Ah someone probably can answer better For numerous transplants. I just I chop the bottom off a seedling cup (Brown Cardboard style ) and use it to hold seedling starter Mix and never transplant for autos, green air pots . Same for photo but maybe one transplant max into a 5 or 7 gal. If that makes sense
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  6. Thanks
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  7. bags are shit and will end up spilling dirt all over the fucking place. as for pots it really depends on how big you want to get them, but typically i used to transplant about 3 times. once going from clone tray to the smallest pot, then mid way through veg they would get the next size up and then when i flipped to flower they would get the largest pot. 5 gallon was the largest size. it depends a lot on how many plants you want to fit in the space and how quickly you want to hit flower.
  8. Maybe the 5 gallon is an over estimation of what I’ll need in the end. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking. I’m thinking in that space 2 to 4 would have to be max maybe three would be best? I obviously want them as large as I can get them before flower
  9. honestly pots are so cheep, id just buy a few and see how many fit with a small gap between them and go with that. if you got a nursery near you, they might even just give you some so they can get rid of them.
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  10. That sounds good. I guess like everything I’m doing I’m just having to feel my way through. I’m so used to planning everything to detail, that maybe I should let a little of that go
  11. planning things out isn't bad, but pots are so cheep that it's not worth stressing over. also being your first time around you will probably run out of space either way, just because you haven't visually learned how large the plant will get. you might know plants like to double in size during flower, but you don't really realize what exactly that means until it happens. your first grow is more of a prototype. use it to figure out what goes wrong so you can plan around it.
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  12. Perfect. I couldn’t of asked for a better response. Thank you

  13. I flowered a plant after 7 days from sprout. Without training, it now easily takes up a 2x2 footprint and is roughly 30" tall from the top of the soil. I have 2, 3 gallon pots in a 2x4.

    It all depends on what you want to do. Perpetual would call for smaller pots and more frequent harvest. It also requires min of 2 tents.

    Using one tent to veg and flower, specifically a 3x3x6, I personally would run 3, 3g fabric pots, scrogged. Wouldn't even need much of veg time.
  14. So I start in 1 gal. Than at around 3 weeks I trans into 5 or 7 gal fab pots. Remember the plant will be wider than ur pot. So u can't go by the pot size to figure out how many plants.

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    . That makes sense. What if I transplanted in accordance to height? For example. 1 gallon of medium and a 6 inch plant. Once the plant grows too 1 foot, It’s then transplanted to a 2 gallon pot and so on. Does that hold any value? Also I’d like to ask some questions regarding nutrition. I’m thinking of Fox farms Trio Or General hydroponics Flora grow. Any suggestions on either of those or any thing I need in addition to those? Always thank you
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  16. Ok i was capt fox here for 5 years. Not a bad starter nute to get going. I suggest u get the trio and get beastie blooms and have cha ching. Here is the feeding chart. 20200626_115938.jpg

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  17. I rec u getting a ph and a ec meter. Learn to slurry. U want to check it daily. If u keep ur plants in a zone of 200-500 ppms, u will grow the best weed possible. Don't listen to the 1/4 strength feeders.

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  18. If in soil do a slurry test. Take a large shot glass of soil. Dig down a little. Than put that into a Tupperware small container. Than put the equal amount of distilled water. Stir for 1 minute and than stick ur ph meter than ur ppm meter. This will show u what's going on! So if ppms are over 400 u just need water and microbes if u use them. Under 400 ppm feed

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  19. U do that on a reg basis. U won't see issues much. Oh u will need lots of cal mag in flower with that program

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