how many posts do i need

Discussion in 'General' started by chief420, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. how many posts do i need to change the message above my avitar
  2. hmmm, i'm not sure, i didn't realize that u needed a certain amount to change ur mess. look in help tab, it should tell u there if u do:D! by the way welocome to the city!
  3. thanx pixie, sorry for starting a dumb tread
  4. not a dumb thread at all.

    i think its 20, so you're almost there.
  5. hey thanx i was reading around and i saw you hit 4000, im gurssing thats a big milestone so congrats!!!

  6. totally not a dumb tread lol:D! no prob;)!
  7. this has to be the best forum ive ever been too, i love potheads were the nicest people in the world
  8. tis a great place!!! now go to the introduce yourself thread and say hey to ev1 till u have 20 posts:D! lol!
  9. good this place!!!!
  10. ok...i seen someone with 13 posts and a custom message, maybe im just not looking in the right place, can some one point me in the right direction?
  11. it's either in EDIT PROFILE or if not, check the button to the right of it. EDIT OPTIONS i think it might be called.
  12. Top of page, edit profile.. Bottom of that page, custome text. to the right, custom title.
  13. I am the Marks Cartel on .com you start of clean as a vicar and then up to street dealer etc etc Quite funny
  14. hey thanx for your help everyone, i finally changed it, it must have popped up after 25 posts, i was were everyone said it was by the way, i just diddnt pop up til now, well im drunk and i cant type to im going tosleep
  15. wondering too...and i cant find
  16. its all the way at the bottum of edit profile, but it didnt show up for me till i went in with 25 post, yet ive seen people that have changed theres with only 10 or 13 posts// im waiting for a moderator to enter the thead to clear the whole thing up
  17. whos on thin ice
  18. you say tomato i say tomoto
  19. its ten....cause i just posted my tenth time and the option to change it finally appeared...glad to clear this all up

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