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  1. i have a stupid question for me being a grower with a few grows under my belt, but i am wondering how many plants u can put under so many watts of floro lighting......for example.....i have 3- four foot floro lights with 2 40 watt bulbs each for a total of 240 watts....its in a L=4ft W=2ft H=5ft closet....what is the most plants i can fit in there to maximize my yield?

    all input greatly appreciated

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  2. A lot really depends on the length of time you let 'em veg. My cuttings just about fill a 30" X 20" box after about 5-6 weeks. I do LST the plant around the outside of a 10" pot. I'd figure on 2-3 square feet per plant unless you're doing some exotic grow like S.O.G. or SCROG (not like I know what the hell all that is though)

    Cutting vegetated for 5 weeks
  3. i grew in these same dimensions except i used a 600 watt light over 6 plants(heat was terrible) i guess i would suggest 2-3 in 5 gallon buckets

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