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  1. i jus wanted to hear some final harvest totals and how many plants it took to get that yeild for the last few years. share with my how many plants u had, of what variety and how much bud u got. this is just for me to hear there is no real quetion or anything, i just thought it would be fun to hear what other people yeilded in previous outdoor grows. thanks
  2. i got a 40 sack off a bagseed outdoor grow it didnt even get me high
  3. Last year I got 50 ounces dried bud off of 4 ladies growing in 7.5 UKgallon buckets.

  4. HEY ya' all!!!!!! If you be as honest as you can, I could actually run some statistics on this.
    Though you will have to at least rate your lighting.(we will leave nutes out)
    but mention youre lighting as GOOD, FAIR, POOR, or OUTDOOR.
    Keep in simple, but this is a good topic and good thread!
    :hello: Peace, TBug

    Oh, and I usally get 1.5 pounds out of ten nortern lights w/ fair lighting.
    example 1.5lbs/10-*-nortn lights-*-fair
  5. Keep in mind that this thread has been started in General OUTDOOR Growing.

    So not that many indoor growers will come here

  6. shit...! ididnt notice that fly. good point.
    but still...thats even beter! because that will eliminate many variables. especially the outdoors group.
    I know you are an outdoor grower fly, what to you yeild on averave?
    oh..... i just notice your post on yeild, but is that the average?
  7. My yield per plant has been rising a little every year, so there is no true average.

    Hope to do better yet this year. The sun here makes the girls grow like turnips.
  8. huh, lol. I was thinking about exp. in growng in too.
    Just give yer best guess average from when ya started til' now.
    But there are always outliers in any statistical test. Dont wory, If there are too many of them, than we can determine that there is no relationship.

    I mean thats the original question, isnt it? is there a relation or not?
  9. My lifetime average must be about 11 oz of dried bud per plant.

    Best I ever got from one plant was 16.3 ounces.
  10. Hey -

    I have been growing outdoors for a while (this is my 5th year) and like Spanishfly my yeild has increased each year. Here are my stats -->

    1st year 5 plants to harvest 29oz of dry & cured bud (average per plant 5.6oz)

    2nd year 7 plants to harvest 44oz of dry & cured bud (average per plant 6.3oz)

    3rd year 10 plants to harvest 78oz of dry & cured bud (average per plant 7.8oz)

    4th year 13 plants to harvest 114oz of dry & cured bud (average per plant 8.8oz)

    5th year ??? (yet to see what tomorrow brings.....)

    Hope this info helps your study of pot growers.....:)

    Kisses -
  11. hott that's some nice growing. I gues you have pot enough
  12. Thanks Nicho69 -

    Let us just say that I have not had to buy a bag of MJ in several years. (for that matter my friends haven't either!) I grow in Maine and then take it west with me to Colorado for the winter. Out in the mountains and ski towns MJ is better than cash $$$ to trade for things. I do sell some to keep myself in play money and vacation cash....

    Kisses -
  13. This is possibly off topic and tottaly incorrect bu is it just me or have i seen another thread where it says its against forum rules to say you sell marijuana? but i know your not talking about marijuana... birdhouses of course.... birdhouses
    :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking:

  14. SSssssshhhhhh...........

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