How many plants would work best in this space?

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  1. I have my tent set up... The tent is 4' by 2', and it's 8' tall.... I'm using a 600 watt MH/HPS light, but I was planning on possibly turning it down to 75% power, which would be 450 watts. If I can keep the heat down, I may see about using the full 100% to allow for more plants....Im faced with a question.... What will produce more bud? I am faced with 3 options.....
    Option A : 3 plants
    Option B : 4 plants
    Option C : 6 plants
    I can fit 6 bags in the tent, but it's a little cramped for space. What do you think would yield more bud? See the following pictures where I show the setup of grow bags... the first 2 pics is with 4 bags, the last 2 pics is with 6 bags... I didnt take a pic with 3 bags but you can imagine what that would look like. Advice and opinions welcome!

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  2. Two plants is all I would go for with a 600 watt light. It's not about how many plants you can fit into the space. It's about how many plants you have enough light to grow sufficiently. You only shoot yourself in the foot by overcrowding your flowering space and shading out large areas of your plants because it's too crowded. A 600 watt light should flower 2 plants nice and evenly and given you a good harvest. If you want to put more in there, you'll need to get a larger wattage flowering light. TWW

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