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  1. Hi thru.the process of.putting together my grow box. My box stands 56 inchs tall about 15 inches deep and about 36 inches wide. How many plants will i be able to grow with this setup. An i have inserted two light fixtures that can either hold 4 bulbs or 8 bulbs. An btw im using cfl bulbs with.each bulb being the equvalent of.a 75 watt bulb. So four or eight bulbs. I also need help. Tips on proper nentalation. Any input appreciated . Thanks!
  2. I had a 2x4x6tall. With 400 watt hps. Did two 3gal pots with fan on ground could of done 4. Grew nice in veg
  3. hmm thats awesome , any one have input if i should have exhaust fans on each side of the lights?
  4. I did got to hot with the 400 watt hps
  5. Sup bro.

    CFLs are great due to the fact that they let off almost no heat whatsoever and you can move them as close as you want to your plants. But what you have to remember is equivilance doesn't matter with wattage and growing. If it's an 8 WATT CFL equivilant to a 20 WATT light thats still just 8 WATTS unfortunately.

    With your size room, I would recommend instead of growing 1-4 healthy seeds, populate that room with clones - Sea of Green them. The only other thing you NEED are addatives for your deficianceys (mag, cal, etc), PH UP and DOWN (growing is f**king difficuilt without up and down), nutes, an inlet or outlet fan and a few holes. You can have both inlet and outlet fans though.

    If you're any good with pricing the construction of a grow room a little bigger than yours check out my post man :)

    DIY - Grow Room Price? - Forums
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    okay, well show i go with stronger cfls , or go hps or something ? and can somebody let me know wut sea of green means? and the other abreiviations like SMOG, etc. post it here if you know about any of them please

    so basically your saying i could get 4 healthy plants in there no prob? i take it the biggest pots i could fit in there would work?
  7. also another question, from hearing my dimensions of my design do i have the room to have like a clone area , etc in the same cabinet so i can speed the harvest time'? any input would ber greatly appreciated,

    btw if u do post could u elaborate a bit , im new to this :)
  8. It's good to have a combination of both CFL and MH/HPS light. You have your hood, maybe 400-600 watts, that sits quite a way away from your plants. And although their rays are adept at penetrating canopy, you can never have too much light (too much heat is the main problem, example, a 400 WATT HPS would burn a plant if you kept it too low). My friends current grow is a 400WATT MH light, and he has CFLs hooked up so he can sit them under the canopy about 1-3 inches away from the lower leafs.

    To answer your question you didn't EXACTLY ask (but is useful) - 400 WATTS of CFL light is not equivilant to 400 WATTS of MH or HPS light because CFLs cannot penetrate a canopy very well, thus, 400WATTS of MH or HPS light is the most efficiant way of lighting your room up in regards to light readings, bud density and overall health. But there is NOTHING WRONG with CFLs, I use x2 130 WATTS myself.

    SOG - Sea of Green - Space is not an issue for this growing method because it utilizes space. Sea of Green is exactly that, you open the door and all you see is green canopy. And because clones are smaller and have smaller pots, they are a good option for your sized room (don't worry, you can either buy clones or make them yourself, VERY VERY easy, ANYONE EVEN WITHOUT a greenthumb can do it). Essentially, SOG is fitting AS MANY plants into one place as possible. For example, in a room where you could grow 4 healthy plants in their own space not touching eachother, you could probably fit about 8 or 9 in there.
    I'll let the others help you with the rest.

    I've just gone into my back yard, and done some practical application (made an outline of your measurements) I reckon you could fit about... 2 HEALTHY spaced seedlings (they will produce a lot anyway), 4 if you want to sea of green. But if you use clones (smaller pots, smaller plants), you could probably fit between 5 and 10 in that space. It'll be a tight fit, but remember it's a weed. It's used to annoying conditions.
  9. head to the micro grow forum and grow room design forum...all the stickies and other posts will give you more than all of us can give you fasster than posting here
  10. How big of a pit do i need for healthy growing plant and how small can the pot be for clones
  11. 1 gallon for clones is pretty standard (dont go smaller, 1 gallon is good), whereas 3-4 gallons is reccomended for a seed grow. It's reccomended not to veg clones for long after theyve rooted especially if you're doing a SOG. Plants will get about double or tripple the size when they flour, depending on nutes and lights.

    If you are strapped for cash, then save this for later. When doing SOG with clones its good to either have a mother plant. It's best to have the mother plant in Hydro too so you can transplant her easier and you can see where her roots are if you plan on keeping her for a while. The problem with mothers is becoming rootbound.

    For now, I'd say jump on the net and buy a bunch of clones right now if your box is ready. Even if you just buy 1, thats a start man. They will cost betwee 5-50 dollars, depending on how good it is. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING A STRAIN!

    It is a VERY VERY good idea for new growers to find ONE strain and stick to it for a while, learn it, learn the ins and outs of growing. One of my mates was on THC bomb for 2 years before switching to something else.
  12. PS - You can buy clones off craigslist man.
  13. Oh i guess i forgot . I already have 10 feminized red diesel seeds thats ive previously ordered
  14. So whenever i begin cloning they will be cloned from that strain
  15. Oh nice work man good work :). SAVE YOUR SEEDS - Just plant one, let it grow, and start it as a mother.

    A mother can survive on as little as 90-100 WATTS. But the safe wattage is between 100-150 (150 WATTS is 100% PERFECT for 1 mother - I know 4 growers who have been doing this more than 5 years that all agree'd on that this morning when I braught it up). And because it's a mother, you can put it whereever you want as long as where it is is clean (SUPER clean, make ALL your grow areas 100% clean, very very important believe it or not). They don't need complete darkness yet.

    For some ideas of where to put the mother, when I was a toddler my parents had their mother in the roof (to this day I remember the rays coming from the corners of the house lol). Other places are laundrys, wardrobes, your garage.

    Just remember man. The main issue new growers have are PH imbalences. MAKE SURE to get ph UP and ph DOWN (PH Buffer isnt an up or down). If you do not get PH UP and DOWN and you have PH issues, you're fucked. Your plants will either die of starvation or being burnt by the acicity. If you're lucky though, your tap water PH will be alright :). There are small things you can do with household items but you wouldn't want to use them more than 2-3 times.
  16. Yep i have ph up an down also . With some tiger bloom for flowering an super peak vegetative for veg stage. With fox farm happy frog mix an also fox farm light warrior . All organic:)
  17. Nice work mate, looks like you're on your way. Organic nutes are the way to go, chemicals not only fuck with the taste and effect of your bud but also your brain. Ever heard of someone going off the rails with weed and going a bit loopy? Thats hydro, unflushed, filled with chemicals and when you smoke it youre smoking fertilizer as well.

    Have you ever smoked (not a lot, just a bit of weed) and got a headache, or just a bad feeling, or it didn't burn? Means it has chemicals in it that arent meant to be there. And probably hasnt been cured properly if it tastes strange.

    When you get the money (start saving), you should go with a 600 WATT HPS or MH light. According to many sources including High Times, out of ALL wattages (including 1000 watts) 600WATT lamps are the most efficiant. Im on my way myself my friend, today I orderd a grow tent. It's-

    Length - 7.8 FEET
    Width - 3.9 FEET
    Height - 6.5 FEET

    I need a tent where I live though, especially where it will be housed. Grow tents also insulate so without lights or fans, inside the tent should stay the same general temperature.

    Do you use Skype?
  18. SOG is great, consider doing it old school like this:

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