How many plants under a 400 watt hps?

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  1. i am building a room in my basement for growing in soil, scrog setup with the full AN nute line and a hortilux super hps 400 watt bulb

    and im constantly seeing mixed opinions on this question,

    ive heard the 100 watt per plant rule of thumb,

    and ive also heard i could grow 12 plants under 400 watts?

    could i grow 9 good sized plants, not anything too beast but nothin would be fucked up right?
  2. How tall do you plan on growing them?(max)
  3. 2 plants grow best under a 400, 4 for a 600.

    You can grow 9 or 12 or however many, but you get what you give. In other words,....they will grow, but they won't be the plants you want them to be after spending all that $$ and time.

    I would go with 4 max. I can get about 8-11 zips w/ 4 under a 400 (with a scrog) but with 2 plants, that can go to 5-6 zips per plant. Done right. of course.
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    LBH, gave me the answer im lookin for, right onnnn :cool: +repp

    so yeah thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you :wave::smoking:

    I think ill be poppin these seeds v v v when the time comes soon enough, probably round july

    Positonics Blue rhino

    Nirvanas Bubblelicious

    Dinafems Super Silver [Haze]

    And Barneys Farm's Red Dragon

    Sound like a good line-up? ive got a couple good strains in hand imo all femm'd except for tga's and im saving those for THE FUTUREEE but if anyone thinks they have a better lineup idea throw me it, who knows :] v v

    Barneys Farm's Red Dragon [x1]
    Barneys Farm's Red Diesel [x1]
    Barneys Farm's Blue Cheese [x1]
    Dinafem's Critical Jack Herer [x1]
    Dinafem's Super Silver Haze [x1]
    Dinafem's Moby Dick #2 [x1]
    GHS's White Widow [x1]
    Nirvana's Bubblelicious [x5]
    Positronics's Blue Rhino [x3]
    Reserva Privada's Cole Train [x1]
    WoS's Strawberry Blue [x3]
    WoS's Afghan Kush [x1]
    TGA's Jack The Ripper [x3]
    And TGA's Third Dimension [x3]
  5. You certainly should be in good shape with 4 plants, OK up to 8.
  6. yeah im definitely stickin with 4 fatties because after all ill be adding c02 as well
  7. if you are going to scrog them You can get away with as little as two girls if done properly. If you are doing a standard grow you can put as many as you want or if you top them lolly pop them and super crop them. Four girls will give you an amazing harvest of tight nugs the more girls in you grow room. The buds will suffer they will be wispy and loose airy. It is totally up to you. If done right four girls will be plenty.
  8. if you're gonna scrog, just grow one plant :confused_2:
    Using more plants he could cut down on veg time slightly. He could also grow multiple strains.
    However a net sized for a 400 watt light wouldn't take ages to fill out with a single plant. So if seeds are limited (not cloning) it would also be a good idea to pop just one, or maybe two.
    Overall I agree with you though.
  10. Whys everyone quoting old threads lately?
  11. Sorry I was baked. Still am lol :smoking:  :smoking:

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