How many plants under a 400 watt hps?????

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  1. Im new to this site and to indoor growing. I have pleanty experiance for outdoor growing but from my under standing indoor is a little trickier. My ? is i have built a 4x4x7 feet tall grow box i plan on doing a lst/scrog for the size of the space but how many plants can i grow under a 400 watt hps/mh in a 4x4 area without the buds being thin and airy? I have a 6 in inline fan w/ cabon filter for ventilation. Walls are lined with mylar? any tips are appreciated like i said im new to the whole indoor thing but not new to growing.[​IMG]
  2. i have a room about the same size and i am using a convertible ballast so im going to have a 400w MH and HPS. I'm planning on growing 4 plants in my room. maximum i would say i could fit 6 without too many problems. is there anyway you can put some pictures up?
  3. Depends on how big you get them. Veg them for 2 weeks, and flip, keeping in mind that a lot of plants stretch during flower. A 400w effectively penetrates up to 20 or so inches into a canopy and drops luments quite a bit after that.

    If you flip when they are about 12-14 inches you should be able to flower 3-5 plants under it.
  4. 4-6 plants.
  5. if you want fat tight buds and good yeild keep it low,like down to 2 medium size plants.IMO 2 fat plants with big buds is better then 6 small plants with mostly small buds and a few big ones,but thats just me.
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  6. I run 16 under a 400w with CFLs do fine.
  7. i ran 4, 3ft plants with no problem at all. great nugs all around except when you got into the center towards the bottom of the plant, but besides that you could probably run 6 of the same size plants in the area if you throw say 2 cfls per plant on the lower outside of the plants. i pulled just under 15oz off those. and they were amazing man. top bud was the size of a pringles can, and the rest were great.

    im actually going to try a sea of green method this time to compare yield. i am going to run 15-20 plants that i will flower after 3 weeks veg. then flip it and see what happens. the way i see it, if i only pull 1oz off each plant then i will still have the same if not more then what i did before in less time

    good luck hope this helps with your decision. :wave:

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