How many plants to scrog!?!?

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  1. i have a grow tent that is 2x4 and 5 foot tall, I would like to make a scrog green that is movable, this would be 18 inches wide and 32 inches long. I'm wondering if I should do 1 plant or two. Any help would be great.

    400 watt hps/ mh light
    190 cfm with carbon filter
    2 6" rotating fans
  2. I would grow 2 plants if you can use the whole 2x4 but one in an 18"x32". My last indoor grow was 4 plants in a 5x5 tent scrog, which worked great so I could imagine 2 in a 2x4 would be great as well.
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  3. I figure two plants and each one would have almost 1 1/2 ft by 1 1/2ft square to use.
  4. That's certainly doable. I have the same size tent and made two screens each 20 X 20, because I wanted to be able to remove each plant with screen intact, if necessary. I had some branches that just wanted to run and went outside the screens and up, way up, lol.
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  5. Do you have any pictures? Or grow journals I could take a peak at. Just want the best example possible.
  6. I grew in that tent a long time...scrogged 2 in 3 gallon buckets sitting on something like 6in with a single hole drilled to collect water pouring out in a can do hempy style with coco too if you wont be able to move the screen around once it starts getting big buds
  7. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    2x4x5 scrog

    1 or 2 plants is good. 2 of course is going to fill it up faster. The 1 main issue I ran into my first few scrogs that I see you may also is that 400. 2x4x5 are kind long and short so the light doesn't really get high enough to effectively get to the end of the tent. I first started off with just a 400 and used CFLs on the end. Then tried a 600. However it's not as much the strength as the foot print. Not being able to raise the light very high gives a small optimal footprint. So next I tried what you see in the pics led/hid combo. Worked OK but I didn't choose the best led. What I have in there now when in flower is two 600 hid cool hoods that I usually run at 400. Sometimes turn it up at the end of flower . 1 light source just struggles to reach the end of a tent shaped like that, especially the lower the power. Just made for a really uneven scrog is all. Something to think about. Too do all over I would of started with two 250s minimum. I would of choose 2 smaller lights over 1 larger. Now I just have 2 larger so better yet.
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  8. Thank you for all the input !!! I'll most likely just do 1 monster plant
  9. I also suggest doing 1 big one with that space. I used to grow in the same size tent, and my best grows were always one big plant in either 5 or 10 gallon container. aim for at least 8 ounces.

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