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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by lacrossestar, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. How many plants do you think would be a enough to just have a personal stash between grows?
  2. it varies on the strain, the enviroment, and whatnot, there is no way to tell a plants yeild, until itts dried and on the scale...
  3. Depends on how much you smoke? Myself an ounce will last me all winter and half of spring. My buddy, and ounce will last him two days (at most).

    Figure if all goes good and you grow some nice plants, 1/2 ounce or so per.

    If your not new to the game i would say more. Im hoping for an ounce per. ww.
  4. Ya only need one plant to get 30 to 50 ozs indoor with a 1000w light.:D
  5. Ive got four plants growing under only about 300 total watts. They are growing fine (mums). Just not as fast as some
  6. HIGH All, well our circle is a big one and I have no more than 8 plants and my LHM's rooms has 22 . So you see we have no problems making to the next Harvest.
  7. ^^^^^^^^
    lucky bastard
  8. It doesnt matter how many plants you have you can yield any amount you want the more plants the faster you get there but one plant can easily yeild a qp under a 600 watt light more if your good. bubble provides an avenue for growing hydro without much work or $$.

    I think its more of what kind of lights and how much am I going to need to get to next harvest or HOW do i grow enough to get to next harvest not how many plants.

    A plant can yeild anywhere from an 1/8 (or less) to over a pound it just matters how you grow it and how much light you give it.

    good luck

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