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How many plants in a 3x3 grows room?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Frankcharile, Jul 29, 2011.

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    How many plants can I fit in a 3x3 grows room? I will be using a 400w HPS/MH, I'm Thinking 3 but i want to try 4. What do you think? :confused:

    Thanks for all the help.
  2. I'm new, butttttt I think under that 400 u should do 1 plant and super crop it and get 400 grams out out of it
  3. it would be a horrible idea to use a 400 watt bulb and only grow one plant. I personally would say anything from 1-7 plants would be good.
  4. Haha no it won't! Do it! 1 gram per watt is so do able! If not do 2 plants!!
  5. Veg for 8 weeks!!!
  6. 1 plant will not grow to 400 grams if it is not genetically able to. I doubt he has dank medical seeds.
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    I have 5 Y Griega and 5 Tangerine Dream seeds. So yes I have good seeds, If you know strains there the best. If not look them up. HaHaHa so high :smoke:
  8. I seen a guy who has a thread on here a 400 got him 1/2 oh with one plant and he was doing a 1lb plant challenge
  9. Order from attitude seeds now !!!
  10. Then look up info with google on the exact seed, if you truly know they're legit.
  11. I just started some Y Griega. It looks like a great strain
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    I wouldn't go with more than 4. You can get good yield out of 4 without having to lst or any of that other stuff. In a 3 x3 area 4 plants is going to take up most of your room. You can fit more in, but you wont have any room to move around and get things in and out of the grow area. I started with 6 in a 4 x 2 area and it was cramped by the time I added my fans, filter and stuff. I have 4 in there now and it is much more manageable.

    Yes, lst'ing will allow more growth from one plant, but that also takes a longer veg time to achieve that growth. It makes sense if you are limited on space, but in the end it seems to me to come out just the same when you compare time spent vs yield. You can lst and get more per plant, or grow several plants and have a shorter veg time with close to the same yield. With multiple strains, I would want to grow some of each instead of just one type at a time.

    It is really all personal preference though. Also, you may get more responses posting this in the Cultivation area.

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