How many plants in a 100 Gal Pot

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  1. Hey all - I germinated 10 plants assuming half would be male and it looks like I've got 80% female so a few more plants that I was anticipating panting in the back yard.

    My initial plan was to plant 1 plant in the 100 gals soft pot and then the rest in 20-gallon pots but now I don't have enough pots so I'm wondering - should I get some more 20s or should I just plant 2-3 plants in the large 100 gals soft pot?
  2. I see nothing wrong with planting 3 in the 100. Should produce nicely l

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  3. You could try it. I have only grown 1 per 100gal pot but I have seen people do two and they did fine. Trellising will be important unless you pim.
  4. I would just put one.
  5. Ive put 2 in a 50 gal smart pot before. You should be able to put 2-3. Try not to put them too close to the sides, but at the same time try not to crowd them since they will branch out/get bigger. But, they will kinda compete with each other and not get as large as they could be as @Sade suggested, if you just keep them to 1 per pot. If you do put multiples in a pot, maybe put the smallest/worst looking ones in to share. But I tend to agree with @Sade--1 per pot.
  6. I live on a hill so my neighbors can see into my yard a bit. I'm not purposefully trying to be 1000% incognito but I'd prefer to not have a 8' weed plant so I was planning on trellising and doing a fair amount of low stress training to get the bush to be as wide as possible. the 100 gal soft pot is about 36" around so I was going to put in a few plant and then train them away from each other so that they grow out (oine to the left, one to the right) and not necessariuly straight up

    At least that was my initial plan but I could be completely wacked!

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