How many plants could I fit in this with 400w MH/HPS?

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  1. 100 w per plant is most ideal.
  2. And 4 could fit in there and have no issues with space?
  3. well that depends on how big your room is
  4. Its in the link.
  5. four would sound logical, unless you put clones in there.
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    well now i have egg on my face. my bad i should have looked. i assumed it was just a light. 4 plants could probably fit in there, although you'll probably get more yield with 3. with only 5' clearence, you'll probably have to think about a) air-cooled reflector b) LST or fimming or other comparable technique c) or some kind of lowryder strain, or a combination of the three.
  7. If you want to grow them in 5 gallon buckets, they are 12" in diameter, so you'd be able to fit 3 in there. If you use grow bags, or smaller pots, you could fit more.
  8. The question is not how many, but how big... You can fit one large plant, or up to, say, 16 small ones. Just depends on how quick you flower them.
  9. Would that light and space be good for SoG? Like 16 small ones I'd veg for like a week and to than straight to flowering.
  10. AS you see there are many ways you could go, If your looking to maximize your yeild in that area read up on scrog, you can do that with 1 plant or as many as you want, the timing your looking for will determine how many you use. 1 plant would have to veg for a while to get the tops you need, however many small plants would get you there quicker.
    either way you will get much more bud then a staright grow without scrog.

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