How many plants could fit in my tent?

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    So my grow tent just came in and I was just wondering how many plants you guys would recommend I grow in it. The tent dimensions are 60in H x 48in W x 24in D. So how many plants and in what sized pots is really what I am trying to ask.
  2. If i did my math correct, about 8-10.
  3. 6 in 3 or 5 gallons

  4. Would 6 plants be OK under a 600W HPS/MH?
  5. Yea that will work but youll want to rotate them so they all get time in the bright spot under the bulb

  6. Sorry didn't say what measurement system I was using, they dimensions are in inches.
  7. You could cram in 8 5g pots with absolutely no spare room, but I wouldn't. Like tizzy said six is the most I put in there, but realisticly I would do four larger plants. One larger plant can easily take up 2 x 2. Good luck with it.

  8. That's what I was originally going to do, four larger plants. Possibly 5 plants.
  9. I have 4 in flowering in my 6h 4l 2w tent and it's a tight fit.
  10. Any ideas on a possible yield for four plants under a 600W HPS/MH?
  11. Around 12 oz with an indica dom..i would say thats average 3 oz per plant if you bush them out..could get more could get less just depends on lots of things

  12. That's great, since I am growing two indica dominant strains, Skywalker Kush & Barneys Farm LSD
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    [quote name='"thethomas"']

    That's great, since I am growing two indica dominant strains, Skywalker Kush & Barneys Farm LSD[/quote]

    Watch the LSD, you may very well get a sativa phenotype like I did. Still pulled about 6 oz off four plants. Some of the best smoke I have ever had though. I have freinds that have smoked for decades that were amazed at the potency and it is one of the few strains that taste good even before curing. Just finished an 1/8th that cured for about a year and it was simply amazing.
  14. What setup did you have at the time when you pulled the 6oz off four plants?
  15. Vegged with 400w mh, flowered under 600w hps. Honestly that wasn't the best grow though. I would be willing to bet they could yield 2 to 3 each easy with a better grower. There is a link to the grow in my signature.
  16. i would say you could only fit 2 plants in there. I have a 2x2 and 1 plant FILLS it with 400 watt and a 5 gallon geo pot. You could grow a few more but I would recommend small pots and flowering them early as possible.
  17. also, I usually yield 3-5 oz, depending on the strain.
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    Exact same tent.
    On my second grow, check signature.
    6 2-gallon first time, 3 2-gallon this time.

    Learned a lot from that first one.
    This one going with 3, and going for 3-4 oz per plant!
    Also running a 600HPS for flower.

  19. Do you plan to flower in the 2 gallon pots?
  20. Yes, i'm not going to be re-potting at all.
    Hoping for a nice root ball to push up some nice plant!

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