how many plants can you grow under a ufo 90wt led and a 14wt led grow panel and 4cfls

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  1. i am running a scrog i got 1 90wt ufo led #1 14wt led grow panel and #2 100wt equivalient daylight6500k cfls and 2 150wt equivalient 2700k cfls i wont to know how many plants that will bud secusesfully bud in a 4x4x8 grow space want to do 6-10 or should i add a 400wt hps to heat is a condition allready burned up ballist and there not cheap tryin get by on grow with out the 400wt hps its a heat factor in hot climate and space cant put air counditioner in it for extra cooling so just want some feed back the lighting is keeping heat down with out hps so hope not to use it enless it would be better:wave::hello:
  2. 2-3.

    90w UFO doesnt produce enough of a area for anything past a 2x2 are or smaller. CFLs are extremely limited in range of growing and a 14w LED is shit. Id say about 2-3 plants at most.

    I have a 800w Solarstorm 5 watt LED panel and at most Id say that it can do a 4x4....which is what I have it in.
  3. wow guess ill be using the 400wt 2-3 plants is a heart brake guess ill just have to put more fans to cool the 400wt its just hard when it gets hot but ive had good results from my 400wt in past so i guess my questions been answered and thanks new tha 14wt panel was shit but heard its good to veg clones thats bout it
  4. 400w would be your best bet. In the LED and Ive own numerous of them wattage still matters. That was a early mistake LED makers made early on...suggesting that low wattage euqals this or that. Alot of wierdness that they also do not advertise for instance most LEDs only run at half wattage. If they ran them at full the things would burn out. So a 600 watt LED panel is really only putting out 300-350 watts. You can plug it up to a killawatt meter and see. My 800w Solarstorm puts out about 690 watts with everything on. The more watts usually the brighter or bigger the light is and the more coverage it has.

    To get a good led you have to spend major cash ... I paid 1k for my LED and that was half off since I got it through there growers program.

    HPS cant be beat for price.

  5. Just tripled my knowledge on LEDs lol. I'm glad I popped in here, thanks for sharing with the OP. Hopefully in a few years their prices plummet like all other electronics.

  6. Glad to help. I wish that happened to but as time goes on they keep replacing the LEDs with newer higher wattage ones and more spectrum so the costs tend to stay at the same price point.

    Personally I think they now have found there happy medium with 5 watt LEDs.

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