How many plants can I grow? Realistic light to plant ratio

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    Hey GC Community! Good day to all of you.

    My growbox is equipped with 8 Sockets (4 on the right, 4 on the left). I am growing with CFL lights.

    Thing is, since the sockets are too close to each other and I live in a tropical area, sticking a bunch of high wattage bulbs next to each other wouldn't be such a great idea.
    (Could be dangerous even if the bulbs touch each other!)
    I'm already suffering heat issues as it is.

    That being said, I plan on mixing it with:

    2x 55w 6500 CFL bulbs
    4x 23w 6500 CFL bulbs

    A good mix of high wattage and low wattage bulbs

    Total: 202 Watts of power

    MY QUESTION is, do you think I would be able to grow 4 plants with amount of light said?

    I do expect: lower yields & slower growth

    but since I will be doing a lot of LST & ScroG, I still expect it to grow well.
    Don't really wanna waste growspace and I wanna put all these pots to use.

    What do you guys think?

    I've seen a PC grow build set-up and guy used:
    85W 6500k CFL for Veg and
    125W 2700k CFL for flowering

    He had 3 plants growing in there
    Guy yielded 1.20oz

    That aint so bad..

    Below is an attached image of my set-up (80% finished), along with the pots I plan to use.


    Peace and love to all of you!
  2. Hey Sade,

    Thanks for saving this thread from becoming dry. Not trying to argue, but I was just wondering how PC Growers grow 3 plants only with less than 150watts?

    I initially planned for 2 plants only, but when anonymous mentioned that I could bump the number of pots to 6 even, I was double thinking whether I should increase the number of my pot plants.

    Thank you again :)

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  3. 2 plants If u can use bigger pots.
  4. Conclusion is 2 bigger pots are better than 4 small ones then yes?

    Thanks Ryan

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  5. You can grow one plant to fill that space just by topping lst-ing and putting a scrog would work well. Would have to veg a little longer though.
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  6. It's clean looking nice job on that. I would try the 1-2 plant Scrog idea posted above. I never grown with them lights but i don't see any one doing that (prob just haven't looked shard enough).
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  7. Noted, Isandgrower & Diatt. Thanks for that.

    Changing the final plan to:

    Seeds/Plant: 2x Gods Gift Kush (indica)
    Growing Medium: Combination of saw dust, carbonized rice hull, & coco peat.
    (Still on the hunt for perlite)

    If I continue to use the pots I have attached above, will I have to transplant them into slightly bigger pots in the future? Or do I grow from seed to harvest with the same small pot?

    Oh and Diatt, Thank you for the box compliment. These lights? Oh, they're just regular 55watt CFL daylight bulbs. Maybe you just haven't noticed these bulbs can either come coiled or straight versions hehe.


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  8. Nah I saw the lights :p I just mean I never grew with that type of light. I done the T5 HO. I was saying more I don't see any one scroging using CFL screw in bulbs. There prob are, i just haven't ran into their grow logs.

    You going to Scrog train as well? Interesting medium, have you used that before? I never thought about saw dust lol.
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    Oh my bad for the confusion haha, yeah I mounted these screw in sockets and instead of moving the lights, I will be moving the plants higher instead with some sort of platform. I'm not a fan of 'loose connections' so I kinda just made it stable like that.

    Yes I will be using the ScroG method here. Should I use thin gauge metal mesh wires or use strings instead?

    Well, I didn't really have much of a choice. My area doesn't have much mediums and nutes either. Luckily I found one which is the mix mentioned above.

    No I have not used this before. This is going to be my first ever grow.
    I searched it up, sawdust doesn't mess your plants up, and it's organic so I guess it's worth a shot if I got nothing else right? I even hear people replacing perlite with styrofoam. Not sure if that's 100% safe though. Haha :)

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  10. Cool, I think it will be ok with that mest(I like string). Just long as it doesn't get hot. I doubt with them lights it will.

    That's cool p make that lemonade;) Should make a grow log I would watch that. If you get bored and want some reading I would recommend Cannabis Training Techniques - LST, Topping & More | Grow Weed Easy

    Good to read about it, most new growers do not start doing this. But if you want a head start I would check that out.
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  11. Thanks so much for the tips, Diatt! Really given me an extra hand here. And I really appreciate your 'hospitality' to newbies like me. I will take your advice into account and make sure these seeds grow well. Might just go for string style.

    And yes! I will be making numerous grow logs just cause this is very important to me. So stay tuned :)

    Keep the good vibes rolling!

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  12. Any grow log yet?

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