how many plants can i grow off a 250w hps

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by generaldahnke13, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. i plan on growing 7 plants, if you have a suggestion for a better light please tell.
  2. not gonna have very good results with 7 plants under a single 250w. maybe 2 of them side by side
  3. Yep 100 watts per plant is a good measure!!
  4. lowryder yes or some other small strain....7 full size yes they will grow and produce not much need more light... but you would yield the most going with two or even one plant with the SCROG method...check it out you veg for a longer time but...they will yield
  5. You can get a decent yield from that light. I scrogged 1 plant under a 250 and she put out 3oz if I remember correctly. The 250 doesn't put out alot of light to penetrate to the lower branches so keep her short, spread out evenly, the light fairly close and you should be good.

  6. yea d have to say u prob could get a better yeild off of just one plant with a 250w HPS using scrog or lst than growin 7 off with 1 light...if u wanna grow seven plants i recomend using 75-150w per plant for a decent yeild
  7. so should i get 7 100w or a 600w and do they use same amount of energy. i was also gonna be a system that moves the light like the sun.

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