How Many Plants Can Fit In One Space?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TGreenFien, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. I planted multiple bagseed in a spot outdoors that's about a foot in length and width, it's plenty deep though. Planted multiple seeds to make sure I get growth, would it be ok to let 2 or 3 plants grow out of that? the reason behind that is to ensure my chances of at least one female, preferably though I can get 2 females. I may end up adding more soil to lengthen the width for growth later though, sadly I know it will be a while before you can sex the plants, but if I get a male I plan on just cutting it rather than pulling it not to disturb a females roots. So how long would it be ok to let them grow in the current sized soil space I have? 

  2. Not long enough to sex the plants... If I'm understanding what your saying you pretty much have a shallow 1 gallon pot, while what your saying works in theory you would need at best a shallow 5-7 gal pot/container to get any kind of growth out of multiple plants and even then it's not 100% that the strongest plant wouldn't kill off the 2 weaker ones. Your rolling the dice either way bro but ill tell you what. I would just take 10-20$ to a nursary buy a few small square pots for 3-4$ and a bag of dirt maybe 5-10$ at least be willing to put in some time and some effort and I'm willing that bag seed will end up amazing you. It may be a gem, just cause it looks like shit doesn't mean that it is shit, just someone couldn't grow for shit. Either way man you could essentially do what your saying but if you do get all 3 plants to live they will only produce a few grams as opposed to a few ounces. Either way man, good luck! :bongin:

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