How many plants? (Autos)

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  1. How many plants should i put under 2 600hps lights and what is the best pot size for autos?
    P.s. i have enough room.
  2. I'd say 3-5 gallon pots will be large enough. What is the size of your grow space?
  3. I didn't built it yet, you can say it will be like 1.5m X 3m
  4. I wouldn't try more than 3 if it were me. Actually, I would do one per light. 600 watts really isn't that much power when you consider flowering multiple plants. Light gets growth and bud to have it for every plant you flower. Better light gets you a better plant. You'll get more weight from giving 1 the absolute best conditions than you will giving 3 less than good conditions. As far as container size, the larger container you start them out in, the longer it takes for them to get rooted in and actually growing above soil level and that trips up a lot of new growers. Just understand that until a plant puts down a root system and settles itself after being planted into soil, it's not going to grow much above soil level, use water or really even need much in the way of light (until it's roots are established). Stay away from watering it until the container can be lifted and feels DEAD DRY....ALWAYS. That's just standard as far as watering MJ plants with the indoor grow. They hate having their roots sitting in wet soil constantly. So let them dry out every single time before watering again. Once you see new growth start to pick up in pace, you'll know the plant has it's roots in place and is now working on the part you can see. But remember....even if it takes it a month to use the water, NEVER water again until the container feels light as a feather. Any weight you feel is moisture still contained within the soil. TWW
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  5. With two 600w HPS fixtures I would grow 6 plants.
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  6. Thanks for your reply man and i know the grow basics, im planning to put them in 1L container for the first week or two and then upgrade to bigger one and about the watering i failed once and overfeed my plant and i will not fail again.
  7. 2 600w HPS can handle 4-6 plants.
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  8. I plant a seed in a 10 gallon airpot and water everyday oh Mistress of Myth.
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  9. Now that's funny. :roflmao:
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  10. Agreed. I do 6 plants in a large RDWC over a bit better than a 4 x 8 area and scrog the shit out of them. If you do a scrog right, you can really maximize your surface area and get that light to go much further than otherwise.
  11. Right... If you want to kill off all of the nice root tips - let you soil dry out - DEAD DRY... That will get rid of those pesky root tips so you can regrow them again after every dry/wet cycle.

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