How many plants, and what size of basket i need

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  1. Hello growers,
    My tent size is:
    180cm - high
    120cm - wide
    60cm - deep

    I want to know how many regular females i i can feet in?
    Someone told me that each plane calculated as 40cm so in my tent 3 will be max, what you think?

    And i want to know what size of basket (excuse me i call it basket i just don't know the word in English, I'm taking about the plastic thing you put your plane inside. We will call it basket)
    So i want to know the sizes of basket that i need from the begging to the end.
    I will start with Jiffy and after to what? 3 litter? To finish with 13L or 15L
    Please help me with the sizes from beginning to the end.

    Thanks all!
  2. lol welcome to grass city
  3. I started in a solo cup. Transferred too a 3gal Pot then couple weeks later too a 5 gallon pot and that's what I'm finishing in indoors

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  4. 2 plants. Jiffy to 1 gallon. 1 gallon to 5 gallon. Finish in 5 gallon.

    They’re called pots. Not baskets. No offense, just trying to help.
  5. The amount of plants in a given grow space is going to depend on how long you want to veg them. You can do as little as one plant in that area or you could do 2 plants per square foot if you switch to flower with a veg long enough to root the clones.

    There is no given amount of plants for an area except it's hard to fit more then about 2 per square foot in no matter now short the veg time.

    In an area your size personally with my grow methods I would do a max of 2 plants. I would finish them both in 7 gallon fabric pots.
  6. So for sure i will go
    Jiffy -> 1 gallon
    1 gallon -> 5 gallon

    I think 5 gallon will be enough, and i will go with 2 plants on the first time with scrog technic and see how it goes.
    What the times that i need to switch from jiffy to 1 gallon and 1 to 5 gallon?
  7. So folx what you say befor i buy
    1 gallon fabric pot
    5 gallon fabric pot
    Is it ok?

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