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  1. Ok, so I only pulled downed about nine zips from my outdoor grow!:mad: Know I want to go indoors. I have four 400w HPS. I only want to use two of them. I'm worried about having high utility bills. I've got the strains I want to grow down. Barneys Farm RED DIESEL, Greenhouse SUPER LEMON HAZE. And believe me when I say Red Diesel is the BOMB!! It's a heavy producer and super potent.:D Pulled downed 7 zips outdoors in a 5 gallon pot! My question is: How many TOTAL plants can I grow with two 400w HPS?? :confused: I plan on using a 400w mh conversion bulb during veg. How much do you think I can yeild? Whatt style of growing should I employ? (SOG, etc..):confused: I'm growing organic in soil. Scared of hydro for now but plan on going deep water culture when I'm more comfortable and pockets are deeper. Thanx for your help GC. I'm living my dream.:)
  2. Well to start, how big of space do you have?
  3. Ok, I forgot to post the room size. It's aabout 6ft wide and 15ft long. So about 90sq/ft. It's an outdoor garage. Next to the car port, It has a storage room attached to it.. It's in the back of the house. There is no neighbors behind the house just deep woods.;)
  4. Well if you are only going to utilize two of those lights then you won't be able to use even half of that room. I would say each 400w should cover a 3x3 at the most.
  5. I personally would do a few plants and SCRoG them. Also if you are looking for fairly simple soil is good, or bubblebucket, quite easy with proven results.
  6. Ok, I think that your right. 400w/9ft=44.44 watts per square foot. Or 800w/16sqft= 44.44watts per square foot. That's a damn good average. I think 30-50 is ideal. I'm not that familiar with SCROG but it seems that this style yeilds better results. How many plants and how large of a screen? How long should I veg? I might hvae to start from seed. Cash is tight. It doesn;t look like my supercrop clones are going to make it.(didn't have the funds to boost CO2 to roots with air stone). How much in yield do u guys think? Just a ball park figure to see if I need more lights. I want to pull down at least 32zips (two pounds).:confused::D
  7. Well Ideally you want more watts per square foot than that, hence why I said 3x3 at the most. If you are shooting for 2lbs than you are going to average 1.13g/watt which for a first time grower is going to be difficult. Most first time growers get .25-.75g/watt, plus it depends on the strain as well.

    Be sure to check out Rumples Single Plant Grow

    I would say make a few bubble buckets, here is a guide on how to do so: Click Here

    They are cheap to make and its easier than transplanting soil over and over and they are proven to yield.
  8. This will be my second grow bro. And from my research, I've learned that 30-50w per square foot is ideal. I dont want to go bubble bucket at this time. Organic is what I've learned and this is where I want to stay for now. Organic tastes great. I've got it down enough to get some decent wait. How many plants do you think in this setup? Screen size per 400w HPS? If u don't know then it's all good bro. Thanks for the input just as well.:)
  9. I just pulled 26 ozs from 10 plants under 2 400 watters. This was my first grow and was quite pleased with the results. My grow area was about 6 foot wide and 3 foot deep. I grew Pineapple Express from G13 labs. I plan on dropping down to 8 plants my next grow to get some better penetration the the lower branches cause i had some very airy buds on the lower branches.

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