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  1. hello everyone,

    i live in the northeast, we get cold winters as you all know, and i have a nice spot in a garage to possibly begin growing in. i had the garage insulated for the winter, and im planning on puttin 1000watt HPS hortilux light in there. its a nice sized garage
    (11x22 ft) with great ceiling space, id say somewhere between 8-10 feet.

    My question is, im looking into doing the bubble bucket system to grow hydro in there, but i want to know how many plants can go under that 1000 watter in 5 gal. buckets would that 1 light be good for that whole garage space? i also have a 400w HPS light that i already use, so should i throw it in there as well? im looking to get this done ASAP before it gets a freezing cold. i know i might need a few space heaters with thermometers on them so i can control the heat. also i know i need lots of mylar for the walls.... thanks for your help =)
  2. I would use that 1000watter for about 5x5 and with about an 8 bucket system.. are you sure you want to use buckets? I say that because I am partial to and have always used the ebb and flow which is much user friendlier, like if the power goes off.. and your buckets don't get any air.. your big plants drown and won't come back after about 2-3 hours of non-oxygenated water.. if your home all the time it's great and good results.. but I have just killed too many plants, huge plants at that, just cause the damn airhose got clogged or came out or power outages... maybe look into the tables.. a 4x4 would work great under that light..

    Personally I would throw all the light you have in there.. the more wattage the less likely you are to need your heaters.. :) and I would probly line the walls with black and white poly with the white side in.. white is easier on the eyes than mylar.... and just as reflective.. You might not line the walls.. but line the exact area your growing in to get all that light reflected back into the canopy and not lost in the empty space of your garage....
  3. I had one buddy who used a 600 watt hps light in a walk in closet, he grew ten plants, 8 actually and grew them to about 3-4 ft. More of a height problem but nonetheless, if your worried about it being too cold im not sure, as his was in a house but with insulation and the heat hps gives off, you should be fine doing atleast 15 plants, maybe more with that 400 watt. Happy growing
  4. thanks for your quick replys..

    to tell you the truth, i was looking into doing a few bubble buckets along with some soil pots, just because with the soil i know exxxxactly what im doing, whereas i want to throw a few bubblers in there to get a few hydro grows under my belt.. do you know of any quick ebb and flow systems that i can buy, im not the handiest person when it comes to building stuff, thats why i was looking into bubblers since they are easy to put together.

    the most important thing that i want to know is about the lighting, like i said im buying the 1000 watter, i have the 400 watter already. i was thinking, if that space in the garage is too big for the lights i have, maybe i can put up sum walls. my friend does construction so if that space i have is too big, i can get him to fix it up for me.

    so 1400watts of hps lighting .... 12-15 plants?
  5. I wouldn't go through the trouble of framing up walls.. I would just make artificial walls with thick black and white poly.. it's what I did in my shed right now.. And I would just honestly get a flood table.. seriously your first time with hydro you are probly asking for too much with those bubble buckets. All a ebb andflow is is a flood table on top of a reseviour.. it floods the table like three or four times a day.. it's your best bet.. and I wouldn't put soil right next to hydro, you'll be able to compare and be terribly dissatisfied with the soil results.. ehhehe
  6. I am using bubble buckets now. and under a 1000 watt with a light mover I have 14 buckets.
    I rather use the buckets on a ebb and flo system so the roots can grow down and
    you wont have rootrott sitting in water
  7. ya i think the bubble buckets are the bomb. there are way to many problems with ebb and flo for me, for instance. If you get a difsioncy, you get them in all of your plants most likely since there is only one resivior. Not to mention that your roots are a shaq in a voltswagon beetle, it just dont fit. 5 gallon buckets will give you more than enough room. and if you get a track for that light ive seen people grow 25 buckets! and you are going to want to break that room in half at least or else you will loose out on a lot of lumans...
  8. I have 3 400w covertable ballast that i use in a 8 by 4 room. And i run 12 plants 6 a.i. and 6 bubblegum. and i couldnt be happier with my set up. I will rep bubble buckets till the wheels fall off.
  9. Ive seen 24 5gal BBuckets under a 1k light. There is alot of hands on, moving the buckets around so every side gets light and each plant gets enough. ...of course your using a parobolic reflector, CO2+AC.
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    I think edd n flow is the easy way for anyone but I went first time to the best and that is Areo/NFT. Basically it is plastic fence poles that you cut holes for net pots with hydroton. If you are home and the power goes out you can put water over the roots every so often and they are fine in the dark. Power does not go out for long in most areas so I don't think it should define what system you use. Bubble buckets are basically DWC and well roots in water all the time does not give you the results I get. I keep my flow on 15 off 15 in dark and on 30 and off 15 in light. I grow 30 under 1k hps on 6 ft mover and I can keep it 3 to 4 inches away and no burn just expolsive growth.. In 9 days of flowering my plants have grown about 10inches.. They love the air and the roots never rot.. Had the power go out for two days last grow and even though they wilted a lot and I did not wet them, I did no know it was out, they came back strong.. My tubes flow back fast, meaning I keep the far end three inches higher in a 7' tube than the low drain ends.... I swear by Bonticare bloom and in veg don't get crazy with $ for AN or any other over priced bs nutes, just get some GH three part gal each and you have lots to go with for a long time.. Keep your PPM lower than all the people on here tell you to. I have done both and almost two weeks into flower I am only at 860 to 900 ppm bloom nutes and they love it!!!! Ok my two cents...... GL...........

    Ps. My light is not cooled or even in a hood and still close with no burn. 1000 eye hortilux enhanced..

  11. just get some GH three part gal ..... GH ? what is this ?

  12. GH is a nut mix. It stands for General Hydroponics. I have always felt GH was a little salty when used with hydroton. Ionic has a good hydro mix easy to use. I've ran it a few times with good results. Right now I'm trying something new from bontanicare called CNS17. Its super powerful so I use half of what it recommends. Good luck to you.

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