How many pieces do you believe 1 stoner really needs?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Imbored300, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. :smoke:
    I'd say 2 dry pieces, and either 1 bong or bubbler.
  2. i have like 5 or 6 maybe even 7 things.
    a stoner needs as many as he's satisfied with :)
  3. a stoner doesn't even need a piece.
  4. what kind of "stoner" who smokes everyday doesn't have a piece or papers?

  5. This guy in my neighborhood could smoke bud with his fingers. We couldn't figure out how he did, and mainly didn't try because we were sane. We called it the Tony Pipe :ey:
  6. Just a simple pipe. But I have 3 bongs and a gas mask.
  7. I try to have at least one of everything ... got a metal pipe with screw on top , glass spoon , one hitter , bubbler , grommet bong , glass on glass (roor) , zig zags n blunt wraps ect .
  8. a stoner only needs one.

    but a Cannabis Connoisseur deserves more......
  9. Yeah, you only really need one, but people like to collect pieces.

    The pieces I have are art to me
  10. Id say it depends on if you like collecting functional art or just having a few pieces to smoke out of. I used to just want a few pieces for variety but over the years turned into a collector :p
  11. I say two. A main one to use, and a second one just for back up in case something happens to the 1st.
  12. personally i like to always have papers for joints, and a nice simple glass bong. i like the post above, backup bong is a good idea
  13. I'd say you really only "need" 1, but ideally:

    dry piece
  14. 3 right now but been through countless....easy to break glass shit when you're a stoner :p :bongin:
  15. I have waaaaaay more then all that i have 6 pipes. 2 bongs. A bubbler. And a dab rig
  16. thats a hard call because buying pieces is addicting as hell and also if u use the same one to often ur tolerance gets built up to it and it just doesn't get the job done as easy.
  17. One of everything lol I like to collect. I have 2 pipes, a bong, a bubbler, a homemade gas mask. Still need a vape and to increase my collection.
  18. A solid spoon and a thick bong, oh yeah and throw in some papers just in case.
  19. 1x Heavy duty piece eg. bong, vaporizer, gravity bong.

    1x Lightweight portable piece eg. small pipe, portable vape

    1x Pack of rolling papers

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