How many pets(where do you stop)

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  1. Hey people I was just wondering how many pets you own currently and plan on getting...

    Me personally I just own a cat but it's not even my cat,I might steal him when I move and say he ran away...Chances are I won't.

    But when I do move I plan on getting 2 cats and a dog.Dont know what kind probally a black cat and a white cat and a wolf Dog.(hope he doesnt eat them)

    I also plan on getting some exotics like a snake,a sea turtle(the ones with the flippers), or a bird of somesort.

    Ever since my sis got the cat I noticed that I hate the company of people but love ANIMALS,I'm just not a people personLOL.:D:D:D

    So what kind of animals do you plan on getting or you already have,exotics are welcome....Sugar Gliders are cooolllll!!!!!!!!:p
  2. i have one fat little kitty, my bird died a week or so ago
  3. Probably 2 dogs max. Im getting one when I get my own place.
  4. My family has 3 dogs.
  5. I have 2 dogs right now. Both are labs.

    I may, MAY get another one since I have the room for them all.

    The best invention(s) ever for dog owners are:
    1) Dog Doors
    2) Electric fences.

    My dogs let themselves in and out and stay within our yard. They have two acres to go and run and find adventure. They love it!
  6. where are you gonna keep a sea turtle?
  7. I have a dog and a cat

    I want a White German Shepard / 40%-70% wolf
    a second dog maybe being a westie, retriever or collie type dog
    plus my cat

    and I want fennec fox too but that requires a permit and all kinds of shit
  8. My old roommates had 10 dogs total. For a residential neighborhood that's way too much, even if they were mostly chihuahuas.

    At the moment we have 4 dogs and probably 20 cats. Yea yea, you're all thinking "20 cats! now that's alot!" Yea it is, but out here on the farm, they're sooo necessary. You can seriously walk in my backyard where all the high grass is, stomp your feet, and mice will scatter. It's better to be infested with cats than mice. Our 2 outside dogs are the guard dogs, they keep the coyotes and bad-guys at bay. Our 2 inside dogs...well they're just for entertainment.

    So for the question, for a farm, you can never have to many pets. For in-town, I'd go with like 4 pets (cats and dogs) total to be the limit.

    edit: as far as exotic pets and such, I say as long as you can take care of them and their happy, there isn't a limit.
  9. In a terrarium or a fish tank...Forgot the species but I think there called African Sliders.

    Fell in love with them last year before I even got my cat...

    Snakes are evil but I'll still get one,just wont get a humungo one that can kill me in my sleep....

    And to MyFax your lifestyle sounds very interesting...Farm life *shrugs*

    edit:totally off topic but we need to devolve back to farmers rasing and growing our own food;it's not like it will stop technologic progression...The earth will be more happy with us if we do.....
  10. we have 3 dogs, we had a cat too but had to give it to my grandma. and a buttload of fish.
  11. 2 dogs, both are shit-eaters,,,, one cool ass white cat..... a.k.c. trained to attack,,,,,,, a fighting rooster, a game hen, [ hey the fellow's gotta have a piece of ass!] and the future offspring of these, 2 bugs i caught fukin in my front yard,,heheheheh

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  12. i have a kickass cat named PoOteR
    had two dogs, but had to give them away when i moved to cali :(
  13. I used to have many kind of animals, but currently just fish. 5 Brichardi cichlids, 3 convict cichlids, and some feeder guppies.
  14. Three Cats, Two Dogs, A few birds in the backyard that come and go as they please and a lousy fucking cricket with a Messianic Complex who likes to play ping pong with his testicles at three thirty in the god-damned morning. Fucking thing sleeps right under my futon too.

    We love him anyway.
  15. Two family dogs... and for me personally, I think it's currently 12 geckos & 5 salamanders.

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