How many percs does this bong have

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  1. Hey, could someone help me out by identifying and naming these percs? I think there is 3.

    One of them is broken, could I just not fill that with water? Or will it still difuse?

    Friend is giving it to me later today for 50, I wanna gain some knowledge before getting it tho.

    Regardless of 5he broken perc I still think it's worth it.

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  2. Do not smoke from a broken piece. You realize that there could be glass shards in that perc and then when you go to inhale guess whats coming up with the water.... 

    It's broken, it's not even worth $20. 
  3. Ya I wouldn't spend any money on that. You can surely tell how well it has been taken care of.
  4. Trash

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  5. Its got two percs and a splash guard.
    The two percs are both tree percs.
  6. Like other users have said, the bong is trash.
    1 tree arm perc
    1 inline perc
    And I think that is a splashguard, but idk.
    It's nothing but a gimmick.

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  7. dope piece bro. your friend is taking a big loss on his broken piece, good job!
  8. Buy a new bong for 50. Don't spend it on a broken bong.
  9. Laughing at all the people who think this isn't worth anything.
  10. And we're all laughing at you, dumbass. 
  11. I wouldn't buy anything out of that room.
  12. Not worth any money, plus that thing has never been cleaned.  Would probably contract sars from it.
  13. I just leave the broken perc dry.

    How is this not worth 50?

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  14. To me that chance a small piece of glass could end up I'm my lungs is not worth $50
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    It's damaged China glass. How could it be worth $50?
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    That thing is garbage.
    Inline to tree to tree.
    Drag city...

    Let alone the quality...
    Just because it has a shit ton of low-end percs doesn't make it nice.

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  17. laughing at your creepy anime avatar

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