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How many people try too roll in da car?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RaiderRadeon, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. How many people try too roll in the car while moving?

  2. Do you have any idea how stupid and dangerous that is? Way to give us tokers a bad name. Do you talk on your cellphone while you drive, too? :rolleyes:
  3. my bf can roll up while he's driving...
    at any speed.

    i certainly cannot do that.
    i would go crash.
  4. I think that its possible he was referring to the difficulty one would have while trying to roll a joint in a moving car, but not while he was driving.
  5. im not sure but i think he means like being the passenger. if not then, yes, you are a very stupid man, but i have seen it done.
  6. well...if that's the case...
    i've rolled up in a moving car.
    it's not difficult.

    but while i'm
    i do think that is stupid, but my bf is tall enough to steer with his knees.
    so, it can be done.
  7. Well i have before. I dont smoke joints or anything that requires rolling. Joints dont get me high like the bong or glass piece does.
  8. I love glass!
    especially my steamroller...
  9. I just don't see the point in manually rolling a joint when a rolling machine costs a couple dollars and it's perfect every single time. Why take the time and frustration to perfect the technique when the technique is already perfected with a machine.
  10. Something to be said for craftmanship, and you can make em really fat ;)
  11. guess what, some people can safely multitask and drive! so who cares, as long as they arent flying all over teh road and wrecking into people....... sheeeeesh
  12. its all bout rolling while walking down the street

  13. Exactly. I don't even know how to roll a joint. I've always had my cousins to do it. Since I started smoking, I made a homemade bong out of a water bottle to avoid rolling joints and blunts. Then I got a roller from a local headshop and I never bothered to learn how to roll. The perfection of rolling machines compared to my shitty hand rolled joints is reason enough not to bother with manual rolling.
  14. driving:naw

    in a moving car:all the time its easy
  15. It was hard to break up nuggets while the car was driving. I was the passenger and trying to keep it low cuz im tall and the windows were low to me lol..

    The next time i smoked in a car i rolled it inside first haha..

    Really dangerous smoking in a car. Its a good rush but the consequences are crazy.
  16. I've never tried it myself, but I've seen it done a bunch of times

    I've packed bowls while driving, but probably less than five times's so much easier to just pull over for like 60 seconds and get it done safely. If you're a passenger though, who cares.
  17. ive done it, its not that hard if you have something to catch weed in your lap. but im 6'1'' and my car drives itself anyway so i just have one knee doing the steering

  18. i roll up in the car all the time, in the passenger seat, not while actually driving..
  19. I knew some people that learned to roll one handed, so they could twist one up while driving:eek: I've twisted up quite a few in different moving vehicles - hardest was back of a pick up truck, off roading:eek:
    Me I use a machine, though I can roll by hand, and hand roll very nice blunts, The machine is just so much easier, and when you're in public, it looks like a cigarette:cool::smoking:

    The way I look at it though is this; Even though I have and use a machine, I can still twist up a nice one by hand. I did so for years. But I grew older and wiser, and discovered a 21st century invention -
    Yes folks Thats right - The Rolling Machine.
    For just under $2 you too can own this wondrous machine that takes all the hassle out of rolling smokes. Simply insert the product, close it, roll it once, insert the paper (glue on top, facing you), roll it down till just the glue is above the rollers, moisten the glue, and roll it down. Open it up and Presto! A perfectly rolled smoke every time. How can you beat that folks?
  20. ^^ A gift from god. I can roll joints fine but I love just rolling one perfectly without a hassle using one of those.

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