How many people smoke at your work?

Discussion in 'General' started by JJJ420, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Right now i work at a bakery in my town. Theres maybe 20 people that work there and 6 of em smoke. Its pretty cool to work with a bunch of fellow tokers. Ive smoked with all of em, ages ranging from a 17 year old girl to a 40 year old guy. So how many people do you work with that toke up?
  2. im "between jobs" at the moment...or umm...i got fired because i failed the drug test (i slipped up...oops!) and ummm so i doubt many or any of the people there did...but at my current "job" every tokes up, me, my room mate and my g/f (i guess its not a job sitting around at the computer, smoking pot and selling that which you can to get more)
  3. uhhh.....all of them......acctualy everyone in the entire company smokes weed....

    i run my own crew...(i have 2 guys who work for me whom i pay out of what my boss "the owner"pays me)

    and there is the owners crew....and every one smokes weed
  4. when i ask my boss if i can get out of work early she says, "if you go get me a sack" and she is hot
  5. Only 2 fellow tokers on the morning shift and only 3 on the night shift.Tis a shame....
  6. I worked at burger king once with 2 other friends of mine from school who smoked. Does that count? The lunch breaks were awesome ;)
  7. I dont know exactally how many but I work in a big office... holds about 1500 people at peak working times and I know of about 30 people that smoke.. I only know a handful of them properly though....

    its pretty cool knowing you can go into work and find someone to get some weed from... lol

  8. Word. I'm gettin hot just thinkin about a situation like that. LOL

    About 50% of the people I work with smoke weed.
  9. out of 90 or so, probably about 30 smoke, but half of them are high school dropouts who only smoke cause its cool.

    God I hate them.
  10. 7 of em..... an they all do other stuff to.... just think of the fun... gettin mangled... at a liqour store no les... oh well.... :D
  11. I work at a restaurant with mostly college aged people. along with me, theres about 3 other every day smokers, and 5 or 6 occasional smokers. Every now and then i convince someone who doesnt smoke to come out and join me=)...then we come back in and cook up some fantastic stuff ~
  12. I work at a pizza place and it's great. I make food all day and night, eat food all day and night, and smoke weed all day and night. Every person I work with smokes, even my boss which I just recently found out about.

    One small catch; I spend a lot of green on my green.
  13. Didnt take too long to figure out most everyone I work with, including 2 managers toke :) Im working at a liquor warehouse and most employed there are 18-25 and im prety sure most if not all do...theres about two handfuls of us :)
  14. I don't have but 5 working for me at the moment.. I know that 3 of the 5 do.. I'm not sure of the other 2..

    I only have one policy about any drug and working for me.... They can't do it on the job..

    I don't care what they do on their own time.. We even smoke a little every now and then at my shop after work.. But they are not allowed to do it during working hours..
  15. shit bud head my guys dont even want to climb the latter unless we are stoned!

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