How many people on here use Hemp wick?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by That Toker, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Just curious if anyone else uses hemp wick and can't go back to butane haha.
    I sometimes use lighters but only if the hemp wick isn't practical for the situation like on the go or being stealth, but bong sessions or bubbler sessions :smoke::smoke:
  2. I got the free sample that was posted... but at the time I only had my bubbler...I so~so liked it... but now that I have bought some real glass I have been thinking about buying a roll.. I really liked that sweet taste over butane for bong loads...:cool:
  3. Yeah but get thick gauge bee line, that free sample one sucks IMO but beeline is sweeeet
  4. is there one that you prefer... if you don't want to post a name brand send me a PM...
  5. I just bought $20 ft of the humboldt hemp wick for like $3. Best investment I've ever made. Bowls taste so much better and its wicked easy to corner bowls now
  6. I got the free same today and it looks like its not dipped in enough beeswax. But I've bought from them before and I love it, I got fine flame though I'll probably get the thick next time around.

    For some reason the free sample sucks but the actual product is great.
  7. I love the stuff, my bong has a carbon filter too so it really helps keep the temperature low. Plus its way easier to corner with.

    I usually just light a candle at first so I don't have to use a lighter to relight my hemp wick every time.

    I use "I-Tal Hempwick"
  8. Hell yeah. . My girlfriend surprised me when she pulled out a spool she bought.

  9. I also like the fine humbolt hempwick. the free samples are a good way to test out the different wicks and see which ones you like best

  10. Im buying some soon, but I am also about to only use my bong and MFLB.
  11. You guys probably have seen this but I just did it a couple days ago, and I feel like the smartest dude in my town. I told a few other of my friends about it, that combust with hemp wick and next thing ya know they made them.

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  12. Haha that's actually pretty cool. Personally I'd rather just wrap it on a lighter or piece but +rep for creativity
  13. Thats what I do, either on my lighter or below the bowl where its just perfectly cylindrical glass for it.

    I used to flick it and shit to put it out, but then I realized you can just use your fingers and it won't be hot at all.

  14. sweet. here is another cool one I found someone made from an old mp3 player, hahaha

  15. Hemp wick is the shit!
  16. I do, I wanna get bee lasso!

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