How many people have you smoked with?

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  1. I sit and wonder sometimes how many people I've shared a toke with. All the friends in highschool, random people at parties, then all the circles I don't even remember being in. If I had to guess I'd say I've smoked with around 150- 200 different people. How about you guys? Anybody here know the exact number?
  2. If I had to guess...........about 500-700..........I've smoked with A LOT of people (most of them I don't even know).
  3. Oh fuck me...Easily tens of thousands.
    I was a busy person in olden times. :cool:
  4. I have taken a cig pack full of rolled joints and gone to rock concerts. Light it, take a toke and pass it on and dont want it back.
    Thousands of people over the last 30 years.
  5. I have no clue, im gonna ponder this and report back..
  6. So I just did some quick are my hero. That's one new person a day for just over 27 years!!!
    Oh, if only it was one a day... :cool:
  8. Probably approaching 500-600 people way too many lol.
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    Oh my gosh, i would say easily over 1,000.
    I met so many hot girls from smoking.. they are really cool too. We watch pixar movies all day and then trade saliva for hours while i blue ball
    Way too many LOL.
    Just wear moccasins and a phish t shirt and you will make friends!
  10. About 6, imma loner Green dreams motherfucker
  11. I would guess at about 15-20 but I'm really picky about the company I keep
  13. Let's say tomorrow I smoke with one person, the next day that person smokes with two, the next day those two smoke with three each...then so on. I wonder how many days before the whole world would get high?
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    Hon, I started smoking at 19. I toked my way through the late 60s/early 70s love-ins in San Diego, where a couple thousand kids would be passing joints through the crowds. I'm 66 now, and there is no way of telling how many folks I have smoked with over the decades! :laughing:
  15. That must of sucked back then if you got caught shit was so strick back then.
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  16. I'm 1st weed wiener cousins with Doug Benson :D

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  17. It was insane! When you rolled a joint, you picked up every tiny particle you dropped on the table. "Roaches" were eaten, so they couldn't be forgotten to be found later by the cops. Fat ounces were $10, fancy stuff like "Panama Red" was $15.
    When the love-ins were at Balboa Park, we kids would smoke in the canyons and scatter like quail when the cops tried to catch us- we knew the canyons, the cops didn't! lol  When the love-ins were held at La Jolla cove, we'd sit on the rocks watching the waves as we toked and if the cops came, the ocean swept all the evidence away!
  18. wow.. so many random people I have smoked with and never saw again.. I would say more than 200, but less than 500..

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