How many people have you made out with?

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  1. Though I am still a virgin, as of last night I've made out with 5 girls. Just wondering how many people y'all have kissed (like made out with). How important is it to you; like, is hooking up with girls no longer a big deal to you the older you get?

    Btw I'm 19 and only started really getting into girls at 17-18 (religious upbringing).
  2. I only make out with girls who are on their period........
  3. I haven't kept count, but the number is around 10-15.
  4. At least 200.
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    1. Haven't been with many girls, I'm 20. I just haven't found a girl near me that interests me yet.

    Edit: Though, pursuing girls hasn't been a main focus up to this point in my life. There are too many girls in for drama, and vice versa for girls with guys. The whole game just isn't appealing, I'd rather find a girl who truly shares a connection with me.
  6. I think really respectable! I am much more attracted to men who have been selective than ones who have made out/hooked up with anything around. So kudos! I haven't made out with too many girls though... just a couple in college ;) so no help there.
  7. I'm the same age as you, although my attitude is definitely different (non-religious upbringing.) I got the "fuck everything that moves" thing out of my system from age 14-16 which has definitely increased my maturity on a sexual level. Since about age 16 I haven't been as bothered about getting with girls, concentrating more on finding a a girlfriend. Just don't feel pressured to do anything man, things will happen naturally. I currently have a great girlfriend and it's a lot better than being single.
  8. Yeah when you get older kissing is just..kissing

    Sex is a lot more intimate

    But I'll say I love making out with a female I have insane chemistry with..good makin out always sets the tone for the lovemaking
  9. I've had two girlfriends, but still no lip to lip kissing/making out. Priorities.
  10. About 8-10.

    I'm nineteen at the moment and I've been dating my current girlfriend for eight months now.

    I swear I'm going to eventually end up like Marshal off How I met your Mother.
  11. Wow I thought my number was low, is it sad that I remember? 27
  12. I've made out with 5 girls.
  13. Alcohol is the devil.
  14. Does anybody even know what that number is? lol

    I could only give you an estimate of the people Ive fucked...

    But made out with....pssshhhh not even gonna try.
  15. As of today, 2.

    Gay + Small bigoted town + Religous upbringing.

    Im lucky i'm going away for college in 2 weeks.
  16. 5 or 6?

    I've fucked more girls than I made out with
  17. it's gotta be between 20-30.

  18. i am sorry to hear that but don't let anyone fucking tell u what to do enjoy who u r
  19. its not about numbers its about what the person mean to u
  20. 50-60 maybe? Hooking up with multiple girls in high school in one night was a common occurrence.

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