How many people have you had sex with?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by morningtoke, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. be honest or don't post.
    state you age, your gender, and how many people you've gone all the way with. i'll start:

    19 years old
    i'm a male
    sex with 8 girls

    ok you're turn
  2. theres already a long thread about this but whatever, we could use a little spice around here.

    21m. 3, all relationships
  3. well guessing that a 3sum counts as 2 girls:rolleyes:

    im 18
    6 girls
    alpha male
    I forget so im going with 13+ could possibly be alot more i was just drunk during the times.
  5. Age:33
    I've kissed a million hugged'em by the thousands and only fucked a few!!
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    i have only had sex sorta with one girl ik ima nerd(jus a loner kinda and very shy) so pre much 1 make funna me wutev.. the reason i say kinda one girl is coz we fucked but i never cum'd didnt have enough time it was at her gmas funeral lol but i still count it

    and we dated...i been single sence december lol...:(
  7. 6
    but i have a feeling that number will never get bigger now :D:D
  8. 3 girlz, I'm such a lil whore
  9. 19 years old
    5 girls

    Not a gigolo but i do aight
  10. 19 yrs old. 3 ladies. STD free still. :)
  11. 18 year old male

    7 girls
  12. More than Hugh Hefner Larry Flynt and Bob Guccioni combined.

    edit: and I smoke enough bud to keep a small army high
  13. Dopeumentary much?

    23 years old
    11 girls
  14. i'm 20 and i've had sex with one girl whom i dated for nearly 3 years. she moved away and the relationship ended. i've kissed 2 girls since then but i still feel like a cheater:(
  15. 18
    only 4, but proud to say 2 of the 4 were models, and other 2 were beautiful sluts. have fooled around with many. still STD free!! whew
  16. 18
    1 and am still in a relationship with her
  17. 1. As of last night :D

    Oh and im 18
  18. 1,000,000

    seriously though, 18m and 3

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