How many people "GO" Spiritual when integrating marijuana as part of the Minds

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  1. Shrooms make me spiritual.
  2. I'm more open to new ideas since I've tried weed, but weed alone does not induce my spirituality. Often when taking psychedelics I seek a spiritual journey and try to gain insight on world and myself.
  3. I enjoy sitting on the floor in a circle with all the lights shut and a candle in the centre of the circle and smoke all night.
    we have this smoking session twice a week its really spiritual and the good thing is we all talk about really open minded shit we all listen to each other no matter how stupid or gay it is.
  4. thats nuts...i would be an outcast just for proposing that, lol. its cool to have chill people around like that.
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    I totally agree. I love to find "routes" or "angles" to look at things. Spiritual does not mean religion spirituality.
  6. I do become more "spiritual" after a good smoke session! I tend to see more beauty around me and gratefulness in my life and I tend to be more thankful and open as well.

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