How many people are actuall growing?

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  1. I was watching one of Green House Seeds' videos on youtube, and they were talking about the sheer volume of orders they receive. This made me think, how many growers are really out there, especially in the states? It's such an underground hush hush sort of thing, so no one really knows how many are growing.

    The easy access to all information growing has made the many, many small operations possible.

  2. Matticus

    If there were any individual who earned his scorn it would have to be "Arjan" and his "Greenhouse Seeds" business.

    He's a clown.

    For your own information do a 'Google' on Shantibaba and his dealings with Arjan and Shantibaba's new deal with Mr. Nice Seeds.

    Arjan is a clown and his 'Haze' is anything but and I can provide you with the information about the 'real deal' with regard to the whole 'Haze' deal.

    Again - Arjan is an idiot. Pure and simple.


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    The 'haze' strain was brought to the scene by the 'Haze Brothers' and even that fact is filled with myths and mysteries.

    Suffice it to say that when Neville (The Seed Bank) and the boys from S.S.S.C. (now known as Sensi Seeds) came to the Pacific Northwest there were any number of deals cut and the Haze strain was at the top of the list given the genetics involved, i.e. a Highland Thai (the basis of most of D.J. Short's strains), a Columbian sativa (Punta Roja to be exact), an Alcapulco Gold (sp?), an Indian Kerala Sativa. That's the deal according to Sam The Skunkman who was the breeder of the Skunk #1.

    Like the whole Northern Lights deal as an example. There were 5 strains that were titled 'Northern Lights' i.e. Northern Lights #2, Northern Lights #5, Northern Lights #7, Northern Lights #9 and Northern Lights #11 - 3 of these were seed strains and the other 2 were 'clone only' strains. That's what was passed off to Neville and others from the 'Sacred Seeds' consortium in the Pacific Northwest.

    There's a book by Robert C. Clarke titled "Marijuana Botany: An Advanced Study: The Propagation and Breeding of Distinctive Cannabis" and it's generally held that (sort of) Robert Clarke was one of the 'original Haze Brothers'

    Arjan never had the real Haze and I can link you to the breeder of the (in)famous Haze x Northern Lights #5 strain who has explained this deal over and over.


  4. Lol way to derail this guy's thread in the first post already....

    To answer.. millions or less ;) there's no way to know. You could probably add up all the registered members of all major MJ sites, and guess 25-40% of them grow. That would give you a little idea.. but there's no way to really know haha.
  5. Probably many more than we think but many less than probably should be. Tens of millions of Americans enjoy the herb so I would guess maybe 1/10 of them at some point try a grow.

    The MJ laws in the USA are beyond ridiculous.

  6. Not to mention the other 37 states that have "illegal" operations.

    You will find thousands I am sure.


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